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Here’s why Big Tech has practically declared war on humanity, and why we need to combat the woke libertine surveillance metaverse

January 11, 2022

Digital Engine (11:44 – 13:45):

AI Robots Date Humans. Beyond Atlas And Ameca.

Relatively soon it will be possible for Big Tech to create robot doppelgängers (a look-alike, or a double, of a living person). Imagine a group of dissidents meeting their leader at night, so they walk toward him and start talking about their militant operations only to discover after five minutes that their leader is actually a (remotely controlled) “synth”, an undercover robocop, a walking face recognition system and “lie detector” with sensors to measure their pupil dilations, voices, micro-expressions and heartbeats.

Or imagine that a group of revolutionaries try to rebel against a tyrant only to discover when entering his palace that 25 synths looking like him are firing back at them while he disappears in a tunnel that makes it possible for him to escape and regroup. Political assassinations of tyrants and evil CEOs become almost impossible when only their robot look-alikes appear in public.

The metaverse will make it socially acceptable that a billionaire sends out maybe 5 doppergängers to do his work all over the world, increasing his productivity and power.

Big Tech corporations are creating an AI robotic panopticon, and rolling it out behind a disguise of healthcare, in the name of public health and safety. The Nazis also used healthcare to justify their eugenics program, by saying that the gene pool will get better if one gets rid of people born with mental disabilities. The tactic of neo-eugenists like Elon “Xinjiang” Musk is to showcase how brain chips and robots can help extremely sick people, which is good, but the main goal is to get billions of citizens to accept a new type of life where AI robots dominate and human beings have become superfluous and irrelevant (unless their brains are equipped with chips that Big Tech creates and controls). This new paternalistic system will make healthy people sick and take away their autonomy, their freedom.

Big Tech is basically saying that humanity can’t take care of itself. We need AI robots to protect us, in a new cyborg system controlled by tech oligarchs. A bit like Stalin, who started a project intended to create an army of ape-humans, Elon Musk has implanted a chip in a monkey brain, as a stepping stone to chipping human beings. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Maybe Elon is a relatively good guy, but what if he dies tomorrow and Tesla gets a really evil CEO?

What will happen to human skills and willingness to learn new things when AI robots do almost everything better than we can do? Human beings learn things because we find meaning in contributing with goods and services that help our community. But we can’t contribute with much when AI robots do almost everything better than we do. This will lead to a deep sense of meaninglessness. Very roughly one can assume that 25% of humanity will never be neurologically capable of finding pleasure in intellectual studies. Nor are they interested in art or spiritual development. They like manual work, but what’s the point of manual labor when robots do it all faster and better than humans?

A society of AI robots is the road to boredom, and boredom over time leads to depression or desperate anger.

Furthermore, if you give basic universal income to those 50% of humans who are somewhat neurologically inclined to experience pleasure when spending time on academic studies, you can bet that many will soon feel existential angst, because they are not fit for philosophy or Buddhism, so millions will get fundamentally religious and millions will (secretly) study how to fight their (perceived) enemies, and this includes creative ideas about how to combat the woke, libertine surveillance state.

Big Tech wants to replace original humanity. If you don’t want to be replaced, if you don’t want your kids to live in a robot world, if you don’t want your grandchildren to get brain chipped in order to fully participate in a society, then it’s time to fight Big Tech, by almost any means necessary, after we have tried all realistic nonviolent options first. But we have no time to lose, because the global power of Big Tech grows every day.