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How the Metaverse and Starlink increase the risk of WW3 or a manmade pandemic

November 16, 2021

The Metaverse will make it possible for corporate employees to have instant (secret) access to data about approaching customers. Facebook has already concealed what it knows about the negative effects of FB usage. Big Tech have already acted unethically for so many years that only fools believe that the CorpState (the revolving door between corporations and states) will secure real freedom and genuine democracy in the West.

AI News:

Why the Metaverse is a Dystopian Nightmare & Niantic’s Solution

The Metaverse itself limits and shapes how people think, feel and interact, like a maze determines the pathways a mouse can take instead of letting it roam freely. The Metaverse is a totalitarian infrastructure, whether it is centralized or not, because the quantum AI of NSA can monitor “independent” metaverses, similar to how England hacked Enigma machines without the Germans knowing about it during WW2.

Believing in a mainstream culture of decentralized and independent versions of metaverses is as naive as having faith in techno-libertarianism, an utopian dream motivating optimists in the 1980s and 1990s until the Arab Spring crashed.

People seeking power will always work overtime to stop genuine decentralized liberty, especially when these power-hungry individuals are the ones who funded and invented the Internet in the first place. Young techno-idealistic engineers also become corrupted by power when they grow older and their companies get millions of users.

It’s only luck if the Metaverse leads to a secular Heaven on Earth instead of being the highway to hell. If you adhere to the principle that power corrupts, and if you also believe in the basic principle of political realism that power capabilities matter much more than the (alleged) intentions of current leaders, then it’s only prudent to fight the Metaverse in a way similar to how NATO was willing to start a nuclear war to stop the surveillance regime of the Soviet Union.

Ironically, it’s now in the interest of conservative Russia to nuke, if necessary, the woke libertine archipelago of Starlink and the Metaverse spreading like a virus from ultra-liberal American coasts.

Christian Russians are aware of the threat to original humanity. TASS:

Starlink satellites can be used to change flight path of missiles — Roscosmos chief

“According to Rogozin, Starlink can also be used to deliver “purely political, and, most likely, anti-Russian content” directly to mobile phones”

Elon Musk Rewind:


Mao and Khrushchev would have launched EMP rockets to destroy Starlink devices flying in low orbit over China and Russia. Xi and Putin are relatively weak leaders however, or so it appears at the moment of writing. Or they have been corrupted in such a degree that they hope the world can achieve some long-term balance if we have a Brave New World in the West and a 1984 in the East, an arrangement serving imperial leaders in both US/EU and China/Russia.

Or maybe Kremlin is not so weak after all. CNN:

US says it ‘won’t tolerate’ Russia’s ‘reckless and dangerous’ anti-satellite missile test


Russia-Ukraine border: Nato warning over military build-up

The Starlink Metaverse, especially the woke and libertine version of it in the West, is so terrifying that an increasing number of informed people may (tacitly or subconsciously) prefer to destroy 4IR (fourth industrial revolution) and rebuild after WW3, as they did in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. TASS:

Gorbachev: claims that nuclear weapons guarantee peace are a delusion

The power of religion is increasing too, according to Robert Kaplan.

The spread of all kinds of rightwing religions increases the risk that a microbiologist (in a developing country) uses a bioweapon against the woke/libertine Starlink Metaverse.

The woke LGBT lobby is poking the beast in East Asia, as seen here. Generally don’t expect any improvement in Cold War 2 when both ultra-liberals and moderate or authoritarian conservatives are so fixated on defending their own values that they forget about the consequences.