New tech developments show that drone surveillance and the Internet of Things (IoT) are a threat to democracy.

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In the article “The Coup We Are Not Talking About“, written by a Harvard professor and published by The New York Times, you can read about surveillance capitalism, from a leftwing perspective but the main content is still relevant if you are rightwing. This is not genuine capitalism. It’s corporate rule, as reported in the respected magazine New Scientist:

Revealed – the capitalist network that runs the world

If the last link doesn’t work use this one here to an article in Forbes covering the same topic.

Digression: kindly let me know if links malfunction because I just discovered that the New Scientist link above sometimes led to another article on NS, which is strange indeed. Have also noticed that some links disappeared after editing articles. Can’t exclude the possibility that hackers are messing with this website or my computer. If you feel that this sounds unsafe, please leave, because I mainly write for dedicated people anyway, not having ordinary civilians as the primary audience.

My email and social media accounts have probably been hacked too, so if anybody receives messages from “me” or read anything by “me” that is clearly not in harmony with the basic arguments and basic framework presented on (DSI), then just ignore it. Again, if you are a coward who prefers ignorance, then leave this website because it’s not created for people like you. Go back to mainstream media where you can feel safe and comfortable. Have deliberately written articles in a way that reduces the number of individuals willing to explore the content here, because the main goal is not to communicate with common people or any academic or journalist who is part of the Establishment.

But well-informed hackers know that interfering with the integrity of this website can be judicially counterproductive, and it will not change anything IRL, so they probably leave it alone. However, I welcome all hackers to access my email accounts etc because I have nothing to hide and have always viewed the Internet as a public place where privacy is impossible. Have for example asked Plaid Parliament of Pwning to hack my devices and check everything I shamelessly write and do in cyberspace. In science let radical honesty, transparency and openness rule the waves.

There has also been a paradigm shift on (DSI) which reduces the chance that corporate or woke hackers will interfere. Keep in mind that all posts written prior to 13/04/21 belong to the old paradigm of clear and unambiguous opposition to ultra-“liberal” Big Tech. You decide which paradigm is best. In the category section on the right side of the DSI website you’ll notice that every category starting with “1” contains articles belonging to the new paradigm. (If using a smartphone change to the desktop version of the website, in your browser, to see the category section.)

UPDATE (16 Sep, 2021): a few other major shifts on DSI are explained here, here, and here.

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Readers who are not aware of relatively recent tech innovations should google “slaughter bots“. Or else you may be tempted to dismiss it as science fiction when I and many other academics warn against new forms of mass surveillance, a future when probably millions or even trillions of tiny insect drones can (undetectably) monitor cities and all roads in the countryside (during a national emergency).

If you assume that swarms of nano-drones are not being developed by the military check out the original sources.

When new batteries and other energy technologies are able to more efficiently fuel insect drones, countless swarms of them can be deployed (in an “emergency situation”). Swarms of tiny recon drones, together with IoT sensors in everything you buy, in addition to Wi-Fi SENS and Fusion AI, as described by Wired, will give Big Tech corporations unprecedented totalitarian power in Western states, making it impossible to fight these CorpStates after their surveillance systems are fully activated.

The AI we currently have today will perhaps not be as efficient as first thought, but the synergy of IoT and relatively low-level AI drones can still lead to omnipresent surveillance.

Making drone and IoT surveillance illegal will not help much because when (almost) undetectable sensors can be embedded anywhere it’s impossible for (average) citizens to check whether they are being monitored or not. This uncertainty alone reduces freedom of expression and leads to subconscious self-censorship.

The outsourcing of spying to private companies, new secret surveillance tech which are not yet regulated, plus international cooperation like Five Eyes, allow actors within the state to exploit loopholes and silently collect intel on citizens even if formal laws forbid it.

Who has the ability to verify that they are actually capable of guarding the guardians on this secret, hidden and very high-tech level of constant innovation where Big Tech like Amazon can have unknown projects in cooperation with NSA?

Hackers have already infiltrated the Western electric grid and stolen millions of health records and private data from hospitals etc. People in Ukraine lost electricity because of hacking. If we continue to rely on the services of Big Tech corporations like Amazon then millions can die or be oppressed if Cold War 2 turns into a real war globally. The risk of minor hybrid wars, that may include cyberattacks disabling the electric grid, is high because of factors such as overpopulation, climate changes and pandemics. Returning to non-digital tech which is not as vulnerable as hackable computers is arguably safest.

Creating decentralized 4IR tech – fourth industrial revolution technologies – which are truly independent of Big Tech is only an option if naively hoping that it will not be bulldozed by the superior AI and quantum computers of Big Tech in the future. For more on this read the prelude to MIT physicist Max Tegmark’s book Life 3.0

Tegmark and other AI researchers estimate that there is approximately somewhere between 16% and 50% chance that AI or other (Big Tech) innovations will cause an extinction of all human civilizations, within the next hundred years. For more on this read The Precipice by Toby Ord at Oxford University, or just watch this:

The surveillance of AI drones and IoT will relatively soon become almost omnipresent. It’s an existential threat to all organized criminals and all terrorists. ISIS and drug cartels (in Mexico) will therefore be highly motivated to attack Big Tech. Hospitals should be warned that server parks owned by companies like Amazon might be bombed, making it unsafe to rely on these servers. This unavoidable threat will of course motivate Big Tech to speed up the deployment of IoT and drone surveillance.

The above dangers are serious enough to justify that left- and rightwing groups temporarily stop fighting each other and instead focus on preventing Big Tech tyranny.

I will not take sides in the conflict between left- and rightwing groups. I will discuss nothing else than topics related to the surveillance power of Big Tech (and which strategies and tactics are best when combatting it).

I will criticize however the new wokeness of corporations and neoliberal governments in the West. You can be a true old-school leftwing rebel without being woke. The culture war caused by wokeness is related to our main topic because Big Tech and Big Government will be tempted to use mass surveillance to stop violent cultural fragmentation and balkanization in the West.

To be fair and balanced I’ll also present all arguments in favor of Big Tech and welcome criticism from supporters of Amazon and other companies involved in military surveillance capitalism.

To prove that my posts will be fair and evidence-based, as recommended by Hans Rosling in Factfulness, I’ll start by presenting a link to arguments (indirectly) in favor of cyber weapons, recon drones and lethal combat bots. Please read this article by NSA published in The New York Times:

I Work for N.S.A. We Cannot Afford to Lose the Digital Revolution

Any corporate trolls wanting to use unfair tactics in our debate, please feel free to do that, because it will just be ignored by readers familiar with books such as 1) “Undercover” by Lewis and Evans, 2) “Trust Me, I’m Lying” by Ryan Holiday, 3) “Disrupt and Deny” by Rory Cormac, and 4) “Messing with the Enemy” by Clint Watts.

As recommended by the discourse ethics of Habermas, only the better arguments in an open debate should decide which militant method, if any, is justified when resisting the surveillance of Big Tech. Notice, however, that if the better arguments support nonviolent sabotage, the latter will not affect servers and fiber-optic cables that are independent of Big Tech. Free communication between scientists etc will therefore continue on a more decentralized and less monopolized Internet.

To summarize, the surveillance power of Big Tech implies that companies like Amazon are now threatened by four enemies: 1) organized criminals, 2) literally all terrorist groups, worldwide, 3) rightwing militia after Amazon banned Parler, and 4) non-Western intelligence services engaged in a Cold War 2 that can quickly become hot because of overpopulation, climate changes, pandemics and cultural polarizations.

What I have described in the last paragraph above are just facts. Regardless of my own subjective intentions, and independently of this website, these facts are real and will not disappear. Hospitals and other critical institutions have a moral responsibility to take these facts into consideration if they want to rely on the services of Big Tech.

To once again show that I’m willing to present the best arguments favoring Big Tech I’ve written this article which you should read:

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