A tactic of conventional asymmetric warfare that reduces the need for WMDs if Cold War 2 leads to a major conflagration

I write about adrenaline-inducing topics, like surveillance, drone attacks and bioterrorism for example, because these subtle adrenaline kicks trigger hyper-focus in my nerdy brain, a hyper-focus which takes attention away from the discomfort of narcolepsy. Online games can serve the same purpose. I’m personally therefore not anti-Big Tech. However, the spread of woke LGBT and libertine vulgarity in mainstream entertainment, including online games, has the unfortunate neurological effect that it disables hyper-focus in my case. Have nothing ethically against LGBT or libertinism. I’m only a 30% cultural conservative (and 70% realist). I think Manning and Greenwald are heroes. But aesthetically it’s just a matter of subjective taste that LGBT and libertinism in games, movies and tv series are not my cup of tea. Consequently, I have to find another way to maintain hyper-focus in everyday life. Drone-surveillance.info (DSI) is “self-medication”, a way for a mediocre nerd like me to endure narcolepsy. In other words, everything you read here, on this website, is written by a sleepy dude with an IQ so low that I often don’t even understand the questions in IQ tests, and my math skills are even worse. Or to put it differently: view my scribblings just as daily brainstorming, a process I indulge in (as a “guilty pleasure”) because calm stillness makes me sleepy. So, don’t view my ideas as authoritative in any way.

DSI is relatively satirical, with plenty of gallows humor. Because it’s necessary to mock the folly of creating extremely dangerous dual-use technologies – everything from nuclear energy to drones, synthetic biology and the Internet itself – and letting this potentially lethal tech proliferate until it not only can be used by all primitive carnivores (humans) but also be easily abused by all kinds of strange, unwise, clinically sick and/or ethically underdeveloped individuals who may for example shut down vital services when using the Internet to commit cyberattacks. The conflict between Iran and Israel is basically a tech problem. Nukes are tech. The conflict between Russia and NATO is partly an AI problem. Maybe developing hypersonic tech and giving it to moral dwarfs is a very bad idea? The designers of all these high-tech inventions are extremely intelligent, but there is little correlation between high IQ and wisdom, as documented by Keith Stanovich, so you should not assume that brilliant minds – like crazy Oppenheimer or Elon Musk, who got a clinical disorder – are sages that will save humanity. Instead they may invest in Xinjiang, as Musk has done. If we are lucky, they may rescue us from great disasters, but if we are unlucky they may (indirectly) trigger devastating wars, pandemics or gruesome climate changes partly caused by industrialization. DSI is just a mirror of what seems like a tech dystopia. Additionally I’m an armchair strategist who also red team what nasty things may happen next. Red teaming it in a manner that will hopefully wake people up a bit, if they ever read it.

A shoutout to Machiavelli who published The Prince openly, so that everyone, both dictators and their opponents, can see the tactics used by violent carnivores and prepare accordingly.

In Cold War 2 you can sometimes hear worrisome talk about nuclear weapons, and the risk of biological or chemical drone terrorism has increased as well, (partly because of issues related to Covid-19 and Syria/ISIS), so to avoid collateral damage (on a global level) it’s necessary to help the four empires – America, EU, China and Russia – find ways to fight and deter each other without having to escalate to a point where they use WMDs (by proxy).

The two imperial blocs (US/EU vs China/Russia) should in an updated version try to repeat how they fought during Cold War 1. Between 1945 and 1989 we saw a deadly hidden war between spies. A mini-version of this dynamic, but involving different players, is the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists. This kind of low-intensity warfare has the advantage that it’s usually contained, limiting it to a conflict between imperial elites, and thereby reducing the chance that innocent civilians will get killed (in a nuclear holocaust or manmade pandemic).

Grey zone attacks are evil but a lesser evil than use of WMDs, and therefore it’s a relatively less immoral development when the US appears to get even more involved in this byzantine “Great Game” of shadow wars between elite actors, since it often shields innocent bystanders, it usually doesn’t harm average citizens.

The above being said let’s look at a new tactic of conventional asymmetric warfare that China, Russia, Iran or any other non-Western (non-state) actor can use to deter the US/EU without having to rely on WMDs.

Big Tech corporations and tech universities on the US coasts have become military players. Their dual-use (AI) technologies help the US/EU empires. Their highly talented engineers may therefore be targeted, like nuclear scientists in Iran have been killed in the past. Arguments about which empire has ethics on its side matter less when this kind of warfare has unfortunately become a brutal fact of life. But attacking computer geniuses who voluntarily work for surveillance capitalism and militarized corporations is at least less evil than killing innocent civilians or starting a WMD conflict.

An enemy of the US/EU empires can first use hacking to locate a computer genius working for a libertine woke Big Tech company involved in surveillance capitalism and the metaverse economy.

California, and Western states in general, have millions of immigrants from conservative developing countries. An enemy of US/EU imperialism can find a suitable candidate in this crowd of (illegal) immigrants, or locate a candidate in a militant subculture that is 1) anti-woke, 2) anti-libertine, 3) anti-surveillance. Triple-anti militants don’t have to be rightwing. Old-school communists or traditional anarchists, who focus on the economic class struggle, are opposed to the gay libertine surveillance ideology of privatized intelligence agencies and neoliberal corporations.

A non-woke state, or a rogue faction within it, or maybe a drug cartel opposed to the neo-fascistoid panopticon (similar to how the mafia in Sicily fought Mussolini) can say to an old Christian hispanic illegal immigrant who has terminal cancer in California:

“If you shoot Mr X, who works for Big Tech company X, then you will contribute to stopping the gay pornified surveillance metaverse, and we’ll pay ten million dollars to your family back home”.

The conservative immigrant will probably do it if one explains to him all the disgusting and oppressive details of today’s surveillance capitalism.

Demographics. People are getting old in the West. Tell an old retired militant activist, who is either rightwing or traditional leftwing, with nothing to lose because he’s severely sick or got a terminal illness (with no health insurance):

If you shoot Mr X, who works for Big Tech company X, then you will contribute to stopping the gay pornified surveillance metaverse, and we’ll pay one million dollars to each of your ten favorite militant organizations.

After the wet work is over don’t immediately transfer all the money at once, because it will be tracked and stopped (unless one uses bitcoins or diamonds as payment). Create many shell companies or pay many foreigners abroad to transfer $1000 – $3000 each day, for a whole year, to hundreds of individual members of ten different militant organizations (in America), until the combined sum is ten million dollars. Or secretly give them high-tech military hardware that can be used in the fight against the electronic SIGINT machine, the proto-“Skynet” (Skyborg).

When one year has passed, be anonymous and don’t reveal any political affiliation when telling mass media about the payout after the operation against the gay pornified surveillance metaverse. Promise that everyone who copies this kind of operation will be rewarded in the same way.

When mass media, police radio or hacked intelligence reports mention the identity of an arrested triple-anti militant, after a successful assassination, either give his family money or transfer it to members of the militant subculture he supports.

The triple-anti aspect is important, because 1) resistance to surveillance triggers anger, 2) opposition to woke LGBT triggers a will to protect traditional family values and/or defend mainstream gender roles (of unpacified masculinity), and 3) dislike of vulgarity/libertinism triggers disgust. Anger, the protection instinct and disgust are powerful psychological motivators when combined.

A panopticon alone will usually not activate enough emotions to start a rebellion. Woke libertinism alone will in most cases not lead to a serious violent reaction. But combine a panopticon with LGBT and (ultra-)libertinism, like we see in the West today, and the reaction can be explosive when many people are informed about the woke and libertine surveillance metaverse.

The imperial Big Tech mafia in the West is going to be deterred when knowing that imperial Big Tech mafia in the East have tactics which can stop or slow down dual-use tech developments in the Occidental version of the fourth industrial revolution. These tactics are not ethically good, so I will not recommend anyone to use them, but now that mafioso tribes (empires) have already started a grey zone war I will reluctantly point out the fact that hunting dual-use tech scientists is a lesser evil compared to deploying WMDs. Cold War 2 is basically a gang war, between oligarchic/autocratic elites, so please only attack those who freely and voluntarily are players in this primitive “game”, like the scientists/engineers who create dual-use tech and the CEOs who create surveillance infrastructure and distribute (woke libertine) propaganda in mainstream entertainment. It’s in any case necessary to hold scientists accountable for the weapons they (indirectly) produce. But don’t kill innocent bystanders, don’t escalate to a point where we all have to run from WMDs.

Naive and uninformed citizens may find it utterly awful that I describe militant tactics in detail. Yes, it’s awful, but will you rather stay uninformed? Will you rather be like the 3 monkeys who see nothing, hear nothing and say nothing? If you study the war games and red teaming done by empires in the West and East you will be shocked by all the abhorrent ways they have found to kill human beings. America basically supported the chemical warfare of Saddam Hussein in the 1980s. Imperial military leaders and the scientists/engineers working for them have developed killing strategies and created murderous weapons that makes my armchair tactics look amateurish and uninformed. Nothing I write could have been possible (realizable) if it were not for high-tech weapons developed by “respectable” engineers and distributed by “civilized” leaders in the West and East.

Even my solution to restoring peace and depolarizing the West is very unoriginal: let us return to a constitutional democracy based on 1) moderate liberality, in the tradition of Locke and Mill, and 2) moderate cultural conservatism, in the tradition of Edmund Burke. These two moderate ideologies have always been the pillars of stable nation states, since 1776. But if non-democratic elites refuse, then we must fight to protect constitutional democracies.

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