The good, the bad and the bioterrorist

In tv series like Continuum and 12 Monkeys you have three groups fighting each other: 1) the good heroes, 2) the bad system, and 3) the abhorrent terrorists. The heroes and terrorists have in common that both fight the evil system, but they differ in regard to which methods they use when fighting the Establishment dystopian order. Terrorists are sociopathic utilitarians. The good guys always choose nonviolence or the least violent method, in addition to avoiding collateral damage, because they are roughly 50% utilitarians and 50% deontologists.

Imagine a drone operator with a good heart – I assume they exist because a bunch of them in America have developed PTSD (aka devastating bad conscience) which proves they are not psychopaths. Our hero, the drone operator, is hunting a tyrant and a terrorist who are fighting each other in a vicious way. After months and years the operator finally locates the tyrant but she is in the middle of a market place full of innocent civilians. Our hero decides not to fire a missile at her, but feels really bad about not being able to kill this monster. Then suddenly he sees a large explosion. The terrorist just blew up the entire market place in order to kill the tyrant. The drone operator feels horrible about the loss of innocent lives, but he’s understandably happy that a tyrant and her evil regime no longer exists.

The story above illustrates my own attitude toward bioterrorists who are psychopathic in such a degree that they are willing to release a deadly virus in an attempt to (partly) destroy the woke libertine AI robot panopticon. I will definitely not help them, obviously. Have instead informed Big Tech about the strategies and tactics of bioterrorists, so that supporters of the bad metaverse can prepare and defend themselves against demonic bioterrorists. However, if several disgusting solo bioterrorists manage to destroy the current dystopian surveillance regime in the West it would be a lie to claim that the idealist in me will not be happy about not having Big Tech around anymore. On the other hand, the egoist in me will not be happy, because I got narcolepsy and use online computer games, often made by Big Tech, to take focus away from the discomfort of narcolepsy. And it’s a real possibility that I too will get killed by a manmade virus – got infected with Covid in late 2020 – so I’m very aware of my own vulnerability, especially since I have an underlying medical condition. That’s partly why I warn Big Tech about the danger of bioterrorism.

Tragic that Big Tech appears so far to think that spreading wokeness and libertinism is more important than reducing the risk of rightwing bioterrorism, even when they know that a lethal virus may cause a pandemic. Why not return to a constitutional democracy based on moderate liberality and moderate cultural conservatism? Why not implement inexpensive fixes described in articles linked here? This passivity reveals that Big Tech doesn’t take pandemics seriously.

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