Poor citizens in Norway freezing in the winter, some can’t afford to shower. Google’s new energy-intensive data center will double their electricity bills. Time to organize a militant resistance.

Have written about the story here.

If Google builds this data center I will try to mobilize leftwing, rightwing and Islamist militant groups in order to protest outside the homes of those working for Google in Norway. If they make our homes unlivable in the winter, because of energy bills that ordinary citizens can’t afford, then we’ll make their homes unlivable too.

I only support nonviolent militancy, and the reason I will try to mobilize the militant groups mentioned above is only because they are the only segments of the Norwegian population that have not yet become almost totally domesticated and passive in today’s Western surveillance states.

If there is another winter when Norwegians can’t afford to shower and properly heat their homes don’t be surprised if somebody tries to bomb Google’s data center. This is just a prediction, based on a threat analysis of the situation. I’m sure Google’s own security experts will reach a similar conclusion.

I don’t know the future of course, so I can’t know how different militant activists will react to Google’s data center in Norway. Maybe they will not react at all. Perhaps some will totally overreact. When Google disrupts Norway in this way one simply can’t predict people’s reactions.

It’s not unlikely however that we’ll make an example out of Google in Norway that may perhaps inspire rebellions in other countries.

By the way, it doesn’t help when the government in Norway says it will pay some of the extra energy expenses suffered by poor people, because it is tax payers who must pay for these government subsidies, increasing our high level of debt.

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