Christianity so popular in Russia that even communists there are Christians today

This article is a continuation of this one here.


Russia’s Communist Party turns to the Orthodox Church

“In the early 1990s, a parliamentary commission led by politician and Orthodox priest Gleb Yakunin published KGB documents purportedly proving that top Orthodox hierarchs, including future Patriarch Kirill, were KBG informers.”

“The Orthodox Church denied the claims and defrocked and excommunicated Yakunin. The frail priest joined a splinter Orthodox sect and was severely beaten several times by unknown assailants.”

The Guardian:

Russian Patriarch ‘was KGB spy’

Here is my view of this authoritarian situation: psychopaths are opportunistically attracted to any kind of power, like flying insects are attracted to the strongest light source in the night. When KGB or FSB psychopaths are attracted to the Orthodox Church it proves that Christianity is a popular religion in Russia. It proves that Russia is a conservative religious country, unlike the secular libertine and multicultural West.

I’m a 70% realist. I therefore recognize the reality that power corrupts and that powerful corrupt leaders will opportunistically appeal to the most popular religion or ideology in their own country, in an attempt to gain power and maintain it. I’m therefore not shocked that KGB, FSB or Kremlin in general seek to infiltrate the Orthodox Church. It’s surprising if these psychopaths had not done that. Of course these primitive and childish bastards secretly want to promote their own people inside the Orthodox Church. That’s natural in any religion supported by a state, because any state with an official popular religion will always have leaders who cynically try to exploit this popular religion. The advantage or silver lining, from a Christian perspective, is that Russia, an authoritarian and relatively bellicose empire (cf Chechnya!), is the last major bulwark that protects Christianity in the world. Despite Kremlin’s deep ethical flaws it’s therefore natural that all Christians will instinctively have some degree of sympathy with Russia, similar to how it’s understandable that woke libertines will naturally sympathize with the ultra-“liberal”, anti-democratic and bellicose empires of the US/EU.

Being a 70% disillusioned political realist I’m in no way emotionally devastated by the news that Patriarch Kirill is or might have been a KGB/FSB informer. Because original Christianity has been partly corrupted since it became a state religion under Constantine in the Roman Empire.

To be honest I was at first emotionally disappointed when reading the news or rumors about Kirill, but quickly recovered when seeing the situation from a realist perspective.

If we temporarily put ethics aside, since we are realists in a partly fallen world, then what matters from the purely religious and cultural viewpoint of us conservative Christians is whether an opportunistic politician or Machiavellian church leader actually promote and defend genuine conservative Christian dogmas within a nation state or empire.

If an atheistic KGB agent or Satan himself is self-defeating enough to actively spread genuine conservative Christian values in a nation or empire, then I’m not going to stop it when the alternative is no cultural conservatism at all within a libertine woke panopticon in the imperial West.

But how can you know that an opportunistic politician or church leader is actually promoting genuine conservative Christianity? The answer is simple. First listen to everything he says in the mainstream public sphere (but ignore statements made in private, off the main stage and off the record, because we all know he’s an opportunistic power-hungry bastard like politicians in general). Secondly, see if what he says in mainstream media fits the basic dogmas of conservative Christianity:

1) faith in the unconditional grace of divine Jesus Christ is the only path to eternal salvation after he became a man, died on the cross and resurrected on the third day.

2) an eternal hell exists.

3) marriage is a sacred institution established to only secure the bond between a man and woman who give birth to new life.

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