NATO will not use its own military forces to directly protect Ukraine (it seems)

The Guardian:

US says it will send troops to eastern Europe if Russia invades Ukraine

““The United States is not seeking to end up in a circumstance in which the focus on our countermeasures is the direct use of American military force, as opposed to a combination of support for the Ukrainian military, strong economic countermeasures, and a substantial increase in support and capability to our Nato allies to ensure that they remain safe,” the senior official said, adding he would not disclose “what the president is going to say on the question of under what circumstances the US military could get involved”.”


I just wanna cry. A limited regional war in Ukraine would be so unexciting, depressive. Like watching Muhammad Ali fight without a real opponent in the ring. If NATO is not showing up in Ukraine, then it’s up to Kremlin to count how many rubles they are willing to pay (sacrifice) in order to get eastern half of Ukraine as a buffer zone. If they attack, wake me up when the war is over.

On the other hand, if America is baited to station many soldiers in Europe close to Ukraine, and in the Middle East near Iran, we could enjoy a breathtaking maximum war, full throttle, if Russia supports a cheeky and emboldened China in Taiwan. So we moral dwarfs in Warmongers United cross our fingers in hope of sweet mayhem one day spreading everywhere from the epicenter of Taiwan.

I’m sure China will not be encouraged at all to pounce on Taiwan if Pentagon basically stands there passive when Putin bulldozes half of Ukraine.

First we take Kyiv, then we take Taipei.

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