Why should Russia help the West fight ransomware when imperial EU and imperial NATO are at the gates of Russia?

Robert Kaplan, author of The Revenge of Geography, talks about the EU Empire in this video from GEOPOP.

Niall Ferguson, the in-house historian of the Davos elite, writes in Empire:

“The reality is nevertheless that the United States has – whether it admits it or not – taken up some kind of global burden, just as Kipling urged. It considers itself responsible not just for waging a war against terrorism and rogue states, but also for spreading the benefits of capitalism and democracy overseas. And just like the British Empire before it, the American Empire unfailingly acts in the name of liberty, even when its own self-interest is manifestly uppermost.”

The New York Times:

Companies Linked to Russian Ransomware Hide in Plain Sight

“The computer codes in virtual currencies allow transactions to be tracked from one user to another, even if the owners’ identities are anonymous, until the cryptocurrency reaches an exchange. There, in theory, records should link the cryptocurrency with a real person or company.”

““They are really one of the key points in the whole ransomware strain,” Mr. Grigg said of the exchange offices. Ransomware gangs, he said, “want to make money. And until you cash it out, and you get it through an exchange at a cash-out point, you cannot spend it.””

“It is at this point, cybersecurity experts say, that criminals should be identified and apprehended. But the Russian government has allowed the exchanges to flourish, saying that it only investigates cybercrime if Russian laws are violated. Regulations are a gray area in Russia, as elsewhere, in the nascent industry of cryptocurrency trading.”

“Russian cryptocurrency traders say the United States is imposing an unfair burden of due diligence on their companies, given the quickly evolving nature of regulations.”

““The people who are real criminals, who create ransomware, and the people working in Moscow City are completely different people,” Sergei Mendeleyev, a founder of one trader based in Federation Tower East, Garantex, said in an interview. The Russian crypto exchanges, he said, were blamed for crimes they are unaware of.”

“Mr. Mendeleyev, who no longer works at the company, said American cryptocurrency tracking services provide data to non-Russian exchanges to help them avoid illicit transactions but have refused to work with Russian traders — in part because they suspect the traders might use the information to tip off criminals. That complicates the Russian companies’ efforts to root out illegal activity.”

Silicon Valley and techno-libertarians in their infinite wisdom have created 4IR weapons (dual-use instruments of the fourth industrial revolution) and allowed them to flourish until they got into the hands of bandits and imperial high-functioning psychopaths.

Idealistic and naive human beings make great plans, but God laughs when this tower of Babel falls under its own weight of greed, corruption and hypocrisy.

4IR has turned into a bad trip.

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