Did Russia accidentally put Starlink satellites in jeopardy, and can it have an indirect effect on Nord Stream 2?


Starlink satellites can be used to change flight path of missiles — Roscosmos chief


Can SpaceX’s Starlink sue Russia for anti-satellite missile test space debris fallout?

“Experts agree that the Russian anti-satellite missile test that shattered into pieces the defunct surveillance satellite Cosmos 1408 on Nov. 15. will cause headaches to operators of low Earth orbit satellites for years.”

Yahoo News:

Elon Musk says Starlink satellites have had to dodge debris from Russia’s anti-satellite missile test

Russia may save original humanity from the AI hell of the Starlink Metaverse. It’s precisely because Russia is authoritarian that the imperial mafioso dudes in Kremlin have the guts and will power to fight the woke neoliberal world order, aka the largest hybrid authoritarian hierarchy in human history. So I’m not hiding or justifying the oppressive nature of the regime in Russia. Just pointing out that sometimes it’s the lesser of two evils, in the long run, if things develop in such a way that fire fights fire, that one beast stands up to another beast.

Does this mean that I want a global war? No. Egoistically I hope Cold War 2 lasts at least 25 years, because the suspense and excitement it provides is superb entertainment. In the long run however it’s the lesser of two evils if both AI 1984 in the East and AI Brave New World in the West self-destruct in an intercontinental war. No more panopticons. Freedom.

In one way I lean toward the view that the two imperial mafia families in Washington and Kremlin are too corrupt, hedonistic and selfish to start a major war. Putin however is so old now that his main concern today is perhaps to avoid being remembered as the president who left Russia open to foreign invasion if enemies attack through Ukraine, as Hitler and Napoleon tried. Poland and Baltic states may also decide to intervene independently of NATO if Russia attacks Ukraine, which is going to trigger Article 5 if Kremlin responds to this intervention by attacking Poland for example.

NATO and EU are the problems, not the solutions, in Ukraine. But Russia is not innocent either. It’s an empire after all. NATO and Russia are both trapped in the security dilemma. That’s one reason why they are escalating in Ukraine. CNN:

Russia positions more forces, supply lines as fears rise of potential Ukraine invasion

“Russian forces have capabilities in place along the Ukraine border to carry out a swift and immediate invasion, including erecting supply lines such as medical units and fuel that could sustain a drawn-out conflict, should Moscow choose to invade, two sources familiar with the latest intelligence assessments told CNN.”

Kremlin doesn’t want Starlink flying over Russia if there is a war. If Starlink goes down many other crucial satellites may get destroyed too, wrecking supply chains and part of the Internet too. The fourth industrial revolution is on a precipice.

The New York Times:

America Has a GPS Problem

“Owned and operated by the U.S. government, GPS is likely the least recognized, and least appreciated, part of our critical infrastructure. Indeed, most of our critical infrastructure would cease to function without it.”

“The problem is that GPS signals are incredibly weak, due to the distance they have to travel from space, making them subject to interference and vulnerable to jamming and what is known as spoofing, in which another signal is passed off as the original. And the satellites themselves could easily be taken out by hurtling space junk …”

“… If GPS was knocked out, he said, you’d notice. Think widespread power outages, financial markets seizing up and the transportation system grinding to a halt. Grocers would be unable to stock their shelves, and Amazon would go dark. Emergency responders wouldn’t be able to find you, and forget about using your cellphone.”

When discussing who has most leverage in a future Ukraine War ask yourself: is the GPS system more important from a Western perspective than Nord Stream 2 is crucial from a Russian viewpoint?


U.S. tells Russia to pull back from Ukraine or face painful sanctions

“But the West has more potential leverage now if it were to target the newly built Nord Stream 2 pipeline …”

ABC News:

EXPLAINER: Europe lacks natural gas. Is it Russia’s fault?

“Europe is short of natural gas — dangerously short. A cold winter could mean a severe crunch, and utility bills are headed higher, burdening ordinary people and weighing on the economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic.” (…)

“With Europe dependent on imported gas and Russia supplying 40% or more of those imports, Putin has leverage. …”

I bet Russia is prepared for a brutal winter. It’s also a safe bet that woke and hedonistic Europe just wants to indulge in consumption, not fight a war. But average citizens may not have any say in the matter since Western militaries consist (to a large degree) of professional soldiers. So will NATO eventually fight? What an exciting question. Maybe the war will become a Hollywood movie?

To be continued

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