Good when corporate social media doesn’t allow uploads of videos and pictures of private individuals without their consent

I partly disagree with what Tim Pool says here, because anyone who is opposed to surveillance and supports privacy and natural human interaction will appreciate it when a social media company bans pictures and videos of private citizens if this content has been uploaded without their consent.

There are drawbacks to this privacy policy however. It makes it easier for corporations to control the narrative of public events. If a company decides that some videos and pictures are not “newsworthy” it can easily exclude footage presented by their political opponents. But there is no way to make a system like the Internet fair and just in general. There will always be too many moral dilemmas that can in principle never be solved within this system. Because the Internet amplifies contradictions which have always been part of all human societies. That is why I have basically never supported the Internet, though the chaos it creates is sometimes very good entertainment. Techno-libertarians are naive if they think it’s a digitalized technical solution to social conflicts in the world.

Better privacy on social media will not significantly weaken the surveillance state however. If dissidents, and rightwing dissidents in particular, try to rebel in the streets their faces will be all over social media, because corporations will define that as “newsworthy”.

To be balanced in my critique of Western Big Tech it’s necessary to point out when they actually improve and do good things. If a corporation reduces surveillance or (partly) drops libertinism/wokeness it’s only fair to give them credit for that.

The New York Times:

Facebook, Citing Societal Concerns, Plans to Shut Down Facial Recognition System

“Although Facebook plans to delete more than one billion facial recognition templates, which are digital scans of facial features, by December, it will not eliminate the software that powers the system, which is an advanced algorithm called DeepFace. The company has also not ruled out incorporating facial recognition technology into future products, Mr. Grosse said.” (…)

“Facebook is not the first large technology company to pull back on facial recognition software. Amazon, Microsoft and IBM have paused or ceased selling their facial recognition products to law enforcement in recent years, while expressing concerns about privacy and algorithmic bias and calling for clearer regulation.”

But the (temporary) shutdown of facial recognition programs in Big Tech doesn’t mean much when it’s only prudent to assume that NSA and Five Eyes probably have hidden access to all this data in any case, cf Snowden’s revelations in 2013.

The surveillance policy of the Brave New World in the West is to present itself as 10 to 20 percent less dark than the 1984 systems in the East. BNW systems appear at first glance to be less oppressive than 1984 regimes because the former can afford to use smarter ways to manipulate and control human behavior. This gives corporate media in the West an opportunity to present the panopticon in the US/EU as better than the panopticon in China.


China surveillance of journalists to use ‘traffic-light’ system

Is this BBC article actually newsworthy? Is it not very old news that CCP uses facial recognition in their (luxury) 1984? In Cold War 2 you should take it for granted that (IoT / Metaverse) surveillance, in one form or another, is only going to increase in the West and East. Because CW2 involves new weapons and sensors plus a culture war that makes it instrumentally rational for all empires and nations to keep an eye on potential spies. China therefore doesn’t trust woke journalists from the West, and ultra-“liberal” intelligence agencies have no reason to trust moderate conservatives in the US/EU as long as the culture war continues in America and Europe.

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