Iran should hack California’s entertainment industry instead of hacking critical infrastructure or hospitals

The New York Times:

Israel and Iran Broaden Cyberwar to Attack Civilian Targets

“In recent weeks, a cyberattack on Iran’s nationwide fuel distribution system paralyzed the country’s 4,300 gas stations, which took 12 days to have service fully restored.”

“That attack was attributed to Israel by two U.S. defense officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss confidential intelligence assessments. It was followed days later by cyberattacks in Israel against a major medical facility and a popular L.G.B.T.Q. dating site, attacks Israeli officials have attributed to Iran.”

“The escalation comes as American authorities have warned of Iranian attempts to hack the computer networks of hospitals and other critical infrastructure in the United States. As hopes fade for a diplomatic resurrection of the Iranian nuclear agreement, such attacks are only likely to proliferate.”

Iran will lose public support, i.e. lose influence in the important domain of soft power, if Tehran attacks hospitals. It’s immoral to attack innocent civilians. Don’t attack the little man. This ethical principle includes that one should not hack subcultural websites used by LGBT individuals.

If Tehran wants to retaliate in a smart way that will both hurt its enemy and increase the chance that ordinary people all over the planet will have some degree of sympathy with how Iran reacts, then it’s wise to hack the woke libertine entertainment industry on the US coasts.

All conservatives, also those living in America, are viscerally disgusted by the libertine and woke entertainment industry, so if Iran hacks these ultra-liberal companies it will have some chance of reducing the negative public image of Iran.

I will not incite Tehran to attack woke gaming companies for example. Simply pointing out the obvious fact that average people will view a retaliatory attack on an ultraliberal streaming service for instance as being less unethical than hacking critical infrastructure.

California is the fifth largest economy in the world. The entertainment industry in California is such an important part of the economy that it was defined as “essential” during the pandemic in 2020. The Hollywood Reporter:

Hollywood Insiders Defend “Essential” Worker Status Amid Growing Criticism

” … since April, film and TV production has been considered “essential” work in California. According to a 23-page Newsom-approved document that lays out the state’s critical infrastructure, essential workers include those “supporting the entertainment industries,” as long as they follow public health protocols.”

Hollywood is important to California. The gaming industry is even more important for the economy of US coastal states. USA Today:

E3 2021: Video games are bigger business than ever, topping movies and music combined

I’m a gamer but I’m nevertheless willing to “take one for the team” in order to motivate Iran to destroy non-critical gaming services instead of engaging in hacking that physically harms innocent civilians. To be honest I will not lose much anyway if online games are down, because now I have even stopped playing Elder Scrolls Online. In fact, I’m writing this article here just to pass time, as a result of having nothing to play this evening since most games have become boring, woke and/or libertine.

Of course, I will encourage Iran not to hack anything. Don’t hack medical facilities. Don’t hack the entertainment industry. But since nobody can prevent Iran from hacking it’s better to have the entertainment industry as a “lightning rod” which reduces the chance that critical infrastructure will get hit.

When average people in the West have no entertainment, because these online services are down, they will be forced to temporarily live without this addiction. For a time they will stop being entertainment junkies, no longer mindless slaves of Big Tech. Many will then seek distraction by participating in politics instead.

In 1981, the only tv station in relatively low-tech Norway tried to broadcast rock music in order to tempt dissident youth to stay at home instead of rebelling in the streets. Computer games today are pacifying. If they get hacked it’s more likely that both right- and leftwing people will get bored and return to political activism. It’s ironic and comical that woke corporations don’t understand that by making entertainment woke it will only encourage rightwing people to combat the woke fourth industrial revolution in the West.

If China wants to cause social unrest in the West then Beijing should use its influence in Hollywood to increase wokeness and libertinism in mainstream entertainment. Iran can contribute to this chaos by unpredictably causing long entertainment blackouts when people return from work and look forward to play their favorite game or watch a popular tv series. Let woke people experience what it feels like to not have entertainment. It will be a blast (in the streets) when there is no pacifying “bread and circus”.

Conservatives in America will instinctively dislike any attempt at being nice toward Iran, so it must be stressed that I support Israel. But if an enemy wants to attack my enemy (wokeness) in a nonviolent way, then I’m certainly not going to stay in the way of that.

If you naturally feel that all hacking is wrong no matter what, keep in mind that some hacking targets are much less critical than other targets which can easily be chosen by hackers. I’m reading the book Sandworm by Andy Greenberg at Wired. The book describes in detail what happened when critical infrastructure in some countries got hacked the last 15 years. It’s the power grid version of Jaws. Better to have my online games hacked than having no electricity at all. So if Iran wants revenge, please target Big Tech entertainment, which are some of the most powerful corporations on Earth, and stay away from critical infrastructure.

For more info about this topic check out:

All countries need an old-fashioned power grid as backup if the digitalized electric grid is hacked

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