Fox News (opinion article): A US-Russia war over Ukraine would be catastrophic

Yet another article showing that we conservatives are not gung-ho fans of starting WW3 (unlike corporate woke Democrats):

“As a former Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) officer and specialist in Russian doctrine and strategy who participated in dozens of war games that simulated a U.S.-Russia conflict, I am gravely concerned about the high risk of Washington going to war over Ukraine.” (…)

“Putting U.S. troops in the theater, in Russia’s backyard, would be interpreted by the Kremlin as a precursor to possible U.S. kinetic action against Russia. The very presence of U.S. deployed forces so close to a conflict would increase the pressure on Washington, which was just chased out of Afghanistan, to intervene on behalf of Ukraine.”

“Such an action would spur Moscow to activate its preemptive “self-defense” response, targeting the U.S. homeland with destructive cyber and space warfare attack. With Russia’s recent anti-satellite missile strike test, Putin has demonstrated Russia’s ability to cripple U.S. satellites, on which we are reliant not only for our war fighting capability but for countless civilian purposes.”

“Putin, who fears becoming a target of Washington’s doctrine of “regime change” that has claimed the likes of Saddam Hussein and Moammar Gadhafi, is primed for overreaction. Once the shooting starts, the war could very well go nuclear and involve debilitating cyber strikes on America’s power grid.”

“No one has been able to win a war with Russia on Russian soil. Just ask France’s Napoleon, Germany’s Hitler, and the Swedes, whose army was demolished in 1709 by the soldiers of Peter the Great.”

“Is Ukraine among America’s vital security interests? Is America’s safety, security, territorial integrity and long-term survivability even remotely reliant on Ukraine? The answer to both questions is a resounding “no.””

If you want to destroy (part) of the 4IR panopticon (the surveillance system now inherent in the fourth industrial revolution) then you should encourage the woke libertine fools in NATO and EU to defend Ukraine. Send more B-52s near Russia! Don’t be shy, don’t listen to a cultural conservative like me. Make war not love by turning Ukraine into a giant powder keg that will dwarf Chernobyl when it explodes. If that happens, it’s a silver lining: hasta la vista 4IR surveillance.

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