Russia considering a ban against LGBT content in movies and tv series

The news is covered here by But why is Russia only considering it? Took it for granted that such content had never entered Russian mainstream entertainment to begin with. But if it’s not banned from all mainstream platforms now it only proves that Russia is not a conservative empire, not an Orthodox Christian country.

In a real constitutional democracy the best solution would have been to make three versions of each movie, tv series and computer game: 1) a libertarian edition, 2) a woke edition, and 3) a cultural conservative edition. Customers will then have freedom to choose which edition they want to buy.

But Western entertainment companies don’t respect true diversity, it seems. So far it looks like they are infiltrated by woke imperialists spreading LGBT moralism all over the globe. In this situation it’s predictable that authoritarian conservative regimes like Russia will of course just ban LGBT content from the mainstream culture, presupposing that Kremlin actually supports cultural conservatism and is not opportunistically ignoring its own alleged values just to please Americanized millennials in Russia.

In the West a ban would not have been necessary if governments and mainstream corporations had respected moderate liberality and moderate conservatism, the two pillars of constitutional democracies. Common people today would then have continued to perceive it as natural that LGBT content is simply not part of mainstream entertainment, though it would have existed freely in the LGBT subculture and in genuine indie productions (not astroturf).

Moderate conservatives will never view it as illegal or offensive to let the LGBT community exist as a free subculture. This community, like all subcultures, can have its own websites, festivals and other venues, as long as it’s driven, owned and financed as a subcultural enterprise, not sponsored by corporations or governments.

Moderate conservatives will object if any subculture, be it leftwing or rightwing, starts to demand access to the mainstream culture. The latter is per definition a culture for common and average people. A subculture on the other hand constitutes only 0.001 to 10 percent of the population, which logically implies that it can never be common, average or normal. And therefore it should not be part of the mainstream culture, especially if it leads to destabilizing cultural conflicts when other vocal subcultures object to LGBT having access to the main stage of a society.

The woke LGBT lobby betrays the ideal of being subcultural. They want to be “normal”, as if being “abnormal” isn’t good enough for them. I have always been a voluntary outcast, a hyper-individualist, and that is why I view the woke LGBT lobby as cowardly misguided unenlightened hypocrites when these power-hungry activists try to normalize LGBT.

Glenn Greenwald has done more for the reputation of gay people than the entire woke LGBT community combined. He repairs the damage caused by this dogmatic lobby. I respect Greenwald. He supports the same basic principles of classical liberality that I support. What he does in private is not something I care about.

Live and let live. Don’t force your own aesthetics on other people. If someone says I’m a bigot just because I dislike the music they like, or because I say no thanks to the food they like, then I will ask them to call a shrink. It isn’t “hate speech” to say that you hate Justin Bieber. Similarly, if you aesthetically dislike LGBT content in entertainment just say it and ignore LGBT authoritarians who act like the Soup Nazi in Seinfeld.

After 50 years of watching hierarchical and rich liberals in the West my disillusioned attitude now is that a conservative surveillance regime in Russia is aesthetically better, from my subjective/idiosyncratic point of view, than a woke panopticon in the US/EU. Though a Jeffersonian democracy is always the best option, if that is possible in a society.

But if Kremlin allows LGBT content in mainstream entertainment it violates the three core values of cultural conservatism: 1) the traditional institution of marriage, an institution which is unique because it brings new life into the world and protects it, 2) moderate ethno-nationalism, a way of life that has the family as its basic building block, and 3) a moderate traditional religion which contributes to holding families together and brings stability to a nation.

Kremlin is therefore hypocritical, a representative of fake cultural conservatism if it allows LGBT to be part of the mainstream pop culture. If that happens it will no longer be any reason for conservatives to support Russia in the global culture war.

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