Australia in Nazi territory when military rounds up Covid suspects

Timcast (07:12 – 09:03):

Military Has Begun Sending COVID Suspects In AU To Camps, RIOTS Erupt In EU Over Vaccine Mandates

I don’t hide the fact that if the only choice is between a woke surveillance regime in the West or a Christian surveillance state in Russia, then it’s only logical and natural that conservative Christians support Russia. But since I’m a moderate conservative and a moderate anti-imperial ethno-nationalist, who always prefer a Jeffersonian democracy if that option is available, it also follows logically that I will not hide any facts revealing oppression perpetrated by Kremlin, in Chechnya for example. So to put the video from Timcast in perspective I present a video from The Economist, made to smear Russia since it doesn’t mention that Navalny is a fascistoid politician, but it shows at (05:12 – 05:49) that governments can use Covid-19 as an excuse for silencing the opposition:

Russia: how Putin is silencing his opponents | The Economist

Kremlin can say: “We just got the message that a politician has been in close contact with a person testing positive for Covid-19, so we had to send both to a quarantine facility, like they do in Australia”. Moscow can also claim that “Our Covid tests are not always reliable, so out of an abundance of caution we had to quarantine a citizen who incidentally happens to be a politician”.

Using the military to round up innocent civilians in Australia is far worse than Kremlin targeting a few individuals who freely choose to participate in a political game that for centuries have always been brutal for every politician in an empire like Russia.

The famous historian Niall Ferguson writes in Doom (2021):

“In 1957, the rational response to a new and deadly strain of flu seemed to be a combination of pursuing natural herd immunity and selective vaccination. There were no lockdowns and no school closures, despite the fact that the Asian flu in 1957 was about as dangerous as COVID-19 in 2020. The success of Eisenhower’s response reflected not only the nimbleness of the federal government of those days but also the Cold War context of much-improved international cooperation on issues of public health.”

I don’t care how the Australian regime tries to justify its deployment of the military against civilians in Australia. The military should in principle never be deployed against civilians in a democracy, not counting disaster areas where the military helps civilians instead of arresting them.

Tens of millions died during WW1 and WW2 to protect constitutional democracies. If these brave soldiers had lived today they would have attacked the criminal regime in Australia and restored a free society. These tyrants must be stopped. They prove that constitutional democracies can quickly end up as being just “good weather phenomena” in an era of unprecedented Big Tech power wielded by governments and corporations.

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