Woke and libertine computer games are indoctrinating children and teens, just like wokeness in schools, so why are conservative parents not taking this seriously?

culture war = balkanization = mass surveillance

Maybe I’m wrong but when warning about the propaganda influence of games I get the impression that conservative parents think: it’s just a game, no worries. This careless attitude is like saying that Nazi propaganda in movies was not a problem in Germany in the 1930s.

Ultra-liberals control the gaming industry, and they know it. Games are one arena where corporative “progressives” can spread woke and libertine propaganda to young uncritical people, long before their brains are fully developed at around 25. Extreme “liberals” will probably continue to exploit this propaganda monopoly in the gaming industry.

One tactic used by these “sons of anarchy” (who are sleazy mobsters basically) is to take something traditional and drag it through the sewer. For example, I played Elder Scrolls Online today, a game which attracts conservative people, and it featured a traditional custom in such a disgusting manner that it’s not decent to describe it here. But when impressionable teens watch this profanity many are going to laugh and think it was “hilarious”, not reflecting on the fact that they are targets of propaganda designed to gradually destroy cultural conservatism.

If you are a conservative parent you may think games are not a problem because you don’t allow your children to play them, but you being responsible will not help much when all his/her friends become libertine and woke because of indoctrination in games, in movies, and in school or college.

Communists use public institutions to teach children stuff that alienates them from their parents, thereby marginalizing the influence which parents normally have on their kids. Woke and libertine games basically serve the same function, but after school, with the result that children or teens get exposed to wokeness during daytime and also in the evenings.

We don’t need another Moral Majority, because one should try to avoid censorship if possible, but cultural conservatives must start to organize and demand that the entertainment industry give us an option to buy/rent versions or editions of entertainment in harmony with our core values.

Or we need to create our own high-quality online games.

You may feel resignation, but to resign is not an option, partly because wokeness and libertinism in mainstream entertainment will only increase until we cultural conservatives have no entertainment at all. Consequently, let resistance be our new entertainment, regardless of whether it’s hopeless or not.

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