How NSA can win conservative hearts and minds, and thereby contribute to depolarize the culture war

To better understand the context of this article it may be useful to read this one here first.

NSA or any other intelligence agency with many computer programmers should create a website like where they offer free mods or addons that conservatives can download in order to disable vulgar swearing and libertine content in mainstream computer games.

Some gamers have already created language filter mods, as seen in Fallout 4 here, but these contributions are not sufficient.

Computer programmers in NSA, MSS and FSB have the resources needed to create mods for all mainstream games or at least the ability to teach conservatives how to modify games successfully.

If the intelligence community (IC) helps cultural conservatives I will help the IC catch terrorists. All people with normal empathy agrees that terrorism, defined as violent attacks on innocent civilians, are an immoral horror, so despite my criticism of NSA or MI6 for example I have no objection to helping them in the fight against terrorism.

I’m only writing articles here on (DSI) because it’s a nerdy way to pass time after having no other entertainment now that many movies, tv series and online games are woke/libertine. But if computer programmers at NSA for instance provide game mods that are in harmony with moderate cultural conservatism then I will have no personal reason to continue DSI. It will free up time which can be used to assist the IC.

Have made this article a sticky here on DSI to show that I’m in principle not opposed to the IC as long as the latter make decisions which don’t destroy moderate cultural conservatism, an ideology that has always been one of the pillars of Western constitutional democracies, together with the moderate liberality of John Stuart Mill.

Not claiming that the IC should take any side in the culture war. Computer programmers at NSA can also create mods that libertarians or woke people like. That’s how you respect true diversity. Giving people the freedom to choose which type or version of mainstream entertainment they can buy/rent will contribute to deescalating the culture war. Because pop culture is popular culture aka mainstream culture. Leftwing elites, libertarian elites and cultural conservative elites have less reason to fight over who should control mainstream culture, and therefore less reason to violently balkanize the West, if each ideological group has access to a version of mainstream culture that’s in harmony with their own values.

If the IC in the West really wants to prevent that the culture war becomes more violent, then NSA and other similar agencies should use their influence to encourage governments and corporations to sponsor mods/addons which make the Internet less warlike. Combine this with different editions of movies and tv series, so that libertarians, woke people and cultural conservative have the freedom to chose an edition that doesn’t disrespect their preferred values. NSA will then have friends in all three ideological camps. That’s valuable in Cold War 2.

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