Taiwan is hosting WorldPride 2025, so why should conservatives defend progressive Taiwan?

Yahoo News:

Taiwan Chosen to Host WorldPride 2025

Only fake or idiotic conservatives will kill and die for ultra-liberal Taiwan. But if “conservatives” in America go to war against anti-woke China the “positive” side effect is that it may trigger a global war destroying the anti-conservative 4IR (fourth industrial revolution).

But if Taiwan uses its power in Big Tech to support cultural conservatism in the West, so that we get versions/editions of 4IR services that are compatible with cultural conservatism, cf the Sector System described in Life 3.0 by Max Tegmark at MIT, then I will defend Taiwan myself.

Envisioning several different AI futures Tegmark calls one of them the Sector System, which includes sectors for cultural conservatives too:

“Valuing diversity, and recognizing that different people have different preferences, the AI has divided Earth into different sectors for people to choose between, to enjoy the company of kindred spirits.”

Cowardly conservatives today are not waging war against AI supremacy, so we already live in the first phase of AI empires. London has more surveillance cameras than Beijing. It’s now only a question of which dystopian sector you want to live in. It’s self-contradictory if conservatives defend Taiwan, a woke sector suppling ultra-liberal elites with semiconductors needed to build a libertine panopticon.

The LGBT lobby has now become a player in the upcoming Taiwan War. Anti-woke CCP is not pacified like cowardly conservatives in the West. Expect ordinary LGBT people to suffer when China, Russia and other authoritarian regimes use their own panopticons to unethically persecute and violate the basic human rights of ordinary LGBT individuals. The woke LGBT lobby doesn’t care about this fallout because they are dogmatic gay imperialists working together with the corporate elite, a globalist mobster elite naturally opposed to autocrats in the East (similar to how the mafia was opposed to Mussolini).

Real cultural conservatives in the West should fight, but few have the guts or resources to do anything effective. But we can also just sit back and watch how anti-woke Beijing and ultra-liberal Washington destroy each other.

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