60 Minutes Australia: China warning about possible Armageddon

The most interesting segments are (05:20 – 06:25) (08:15 – 10-19) (12:32 – 12:49) (13:28 – 17:16):

Prepare for Armageddon: China’s warning to the world | 60 Minutes Australia

In the last segment of the linked video it is claimed that global economic interconnectedness will probably prevent China from starting a war over Taiwan, or at least limit the duration of a war. Maybe that is correct. An invasion of Taiwan will imply a blockade of trade in and out of China. Beijing will have to sacrifice a large part of its Belt and Road Initiative.

CCP however is always thinking long-term, up to hundred years or more into the future, so Xi may conclude that environmental considerations will restrict economic growth in any case. A war against an external enemy will increase nationalism in China and force citizens to adjust their economic expectations, blaming their misery on America, an empire which has attacked China during the “century of humiliation”. Ordinary citizens in China have been taught the history of 1839 – 1949.

Money is no longer God. National security is more important than profit in an era of AI bots, climate changes, resource scarcity and overpopulation. When pain is coming, no matter what, it can be perceived as rational from a CCP viewpoint to at least take back Taiwan. Consequently, don’t simply assume that the economy will tame China. Remember globalized free market societies in 1914. The Guns of August:

“An English officer who, having served as a military attaché in Brussels, was considered au courant, was asked, upon joining his regiment, his opinion of the duration. He did not know, the officer replied, but he understood there were “financial reasons why the Great Powers could not continue for long.” He had heard it from the Prime Minister “who told me that Lord Haldane told him so.””

In 1914, the conflict was at first localized to Serbia and then spiraled out of control. If one missile hits mainland China and the latter responds by sending a hypersonic missile to LA in California it may not take long before we have Armageddon. This dynamic is not about who is bluffing. China is today perhaps bluffing about nuclear war, but it’s nevertheless in the nature of war that things can escalate beyond control after conventional hypersonic missiles start flying.

I don’t think China is stupid enough to attack America first. Beijing will probably wait until the US intervenes militarily, i.e. wait until America kills a Chinese soldier or sailor. Britain in 1914 waited patiently until Germany violated the neutrality of Belgium.

Global Times:

Suppressing ‘Taiwan secession’ together key for China, US to manage competition: Global Times editorial

“… We increasingly feel that trying to figure out Washington’s logic is a waste of time, and that force seems to work better than reasoning with the US side.”

“China is willing to work with the US to reduce the risks in the situation in the Taiwan Straits, but history tells us that the only thing the US really cares about is talks through strength. China will have to fight and have a dialogue with the US at the same time. …”

If you are entertained by scary stories, from real life, the 2020s is the golden age of international suspense. FOX News:

Ukraine says Russia amassed 100K troops near border, Blinken raises ‘real concerns’ of invasion

“Russia has dismissed any suggestions of an attack as inflammatory, instead complaining about increased activity by NATO in the region, Reuters reported.”


Britain’s army chief warns risk of accidental war with Russia is greater than during Cold War

If global demonic horror breaks out in Taiwan or Ukraine it will also wipe out the woke/libertine surveillance system in the West. That provides at least some consolation if you happen to be a cultural conservative. As shown here and here for example it is clear that the Western 4IR (fourth industrial revolution) has little or nothing to offer cultural conservatives. If the woke elite continues to disrespect cultural conservatives, instead of trying to deescalate the culture war, then why should we care if 4IR burns to the ground?

When the world can explode in a nuclear war in the near future and the woke elite in the West still chooses to focus on LGBT cultural issues, it only proves that leaders in the US/EU are so dogmatic, blind and frivolous that these idiots may easily lead us into WW3.

Don’t expect that “progressives” on the US coasts are enlightened enough to deescalate any domestic or international conflict involving authoritarian or moderate conservatives. The minds of ultra-liberals are trapped in tribalism. They are not even willing to have a dialogue with moderate conservatives. This intransigence works domestically in their favor, so far, but it doesn’t work in relation to China and Russia.

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