Robert Kaplan, author of The Revenge of Geography: 21st century will be a century for religion

A very interesting GEOPOP video worth watching in its entirety (in addition to reading Kaplan’s fascinating book):

The Future of Geopolitics | Robert D Kaplan on Europe and Russia

My own view: East and South will become more religious while the ultra-liberal Western techno-elite will probably double down on libertinism and wokeness, escalating the culture war until 1) it blows up in the 2020s and early 2030s, or 2) the ruling surveillance elite survives long enough to build an unbeatable panopticon, maybe after 2035 or as early as 2025.

If the disgusting surveillance regime of Silicon Valley is the winner of the culture war this dictatorship will practically last forever, because no human resistance can beat billions of AI insect drones (secretly) monitoring every meter of “smart” megacities.

If we had lived in the 1980s or 1970s it would have been a violent revolution against Big Tech. In the (early) 2020s however we probably see no insurgency in the West, at least not until the culture war or the economy reaches a critical point. Some facts indicate that hedonistic Americans are generally concerned about the economy, not religion or culture. Breaking Points (06:21 – 08:57):

CNN CALLED OUT For Blaming VA Results On ‘White Supremacy’ | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

The education system, discussed in the linked video above, will get much more scary in the future. Breaking Points (02:20 – 04:26):

The Realignment: Kyla Scanlon on How Web3 and the Metaverse Could Change Everything

The woke Metaverse is going to brainwash children through the new hyper-digital education system. This kind of sleazy ultra-“liberal” dystopia in the hybrid authoritarian US/EU is why I think only authoritarian Russia can save cultural conservatism in the West. In lack of a true democracy today one can argue that a non-woke devil in the East is better than an obscene devil in the West.

On the other hand, if Big Tech and the entertainment industry in the West begin to respect true diversity, as explained here, then I will not fight this kind of system in America and Europe.

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