Project Veritas is Wallraffing 2.0 and James O’Keefe is beginning to look like the Navalny of America

The New York Times:

Project Veritas and the Line Between Journalism and Political Spying

“The documents, a series of memos written by the group’s lawyer, detail ways for Project Veritas sting operations — which typically diverge from standard journalistic practice by employing people who mask their real identities or create fake ones to infiltrate target organizations — to avoid breaking federal statutes such as the law against lying to government officials.” (…)

“The legal documents obtained by The Times were written several years ago, at a time when Project Veritas was remaking itself from a small operation running on a shoestring budget to a group more closely modeled on a small intelligence-gathering organization.”

“During the Trump administration, the group saw a flood of new donations from both private donors and conservative foundations, and hired former American and British intelligence and military operatives to train Project Veritas agents in spycraft.” (…)

“Most news organizations consult regularly with lawyers, but some of Project Veritas’s questions for its legal team demonstrate an interest in using tactics that test the boundaries of legality and are outside of mainstream reporting techniques.” (…)

“In the legal documents, Mr. Barr repeatedly refers to Project Veritas employees as “operatives” or “agents,” as well as “journalists.”” (…)

““It opens you up to the charge that you’ve been intentionally deceptive and you lose your moral standing,” Mr. Grueskin said. “Every newsroom I’ve ever worked in has basically said undercover journalism was unacceptable. I’ve never had a reporter tell me he wanted to pose as somebody they were not.”” (…)

“Democracy Partners later sued Project Veritas. In a ruling last month, a U.S. District Court judge said that Democracy Partners could refer to Project Veritas’s conduct as a “political spying operation” in the upcoming trial.”

OMG, NYT is lecturing people about “moral standing” after the newspaper published fake news about WMDs in Iraq, 2003. How very LOL.

The fact is that unprincipled corporate “liberals” have nothing against undercover journalism if it serves their own interests. They view Günther Wallraff, a lefty undercover journalist, as a hero.

But it’s just simple “primatology” that when one group engages in fake news or sneaky “monkey business”, a primitive art perfected by all intelligence agencies, then its enemy will be tempted to also use spycraft methods and present their own heavily spinned stories. It’s reciprocity, tit for tat, an eye for an eye, very human… NYT loses moral standing when publishing legal memos.

It’s possible that NYT got the legal memos from other (private) intelligence agencies than FBI. The beginning of this video from Timcast is therefore a bit misleading perhaps, depending on what evidence shows up next:

Biden DOJ Has Begun RAIDING Opposition Journalists, Accused Of Leaking Project Veritas Legal Memos

I blame Project Veritas and Barr, their lawyer, for having bad operational security. If you play in the great game of undercover work you win some and lose some. FBI’s harassment of O’Keefe is nevertheless beginning to turn him into America’s version of the morally controversial Navalny in Russia.

All cats are black in the dark. Everybody can easily be perceived as being more or less black in the cyberwar zone called Internet. Maybe some really are white, but they too can easily be smeared, until you no longer can detect who is telling the truth. So basically trust nobody in this funny online twilight zone. Me, for example, view me as a mediocre or subpar cerebral entertainer. I have no moral standing, don’t pretend to have it, and have no need for it. Have faith in the grace of Jesus instead of trusting human sinners living in a fallen environment.

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