Belarus migrant crisis reveals the hypocrisy of corporate and multicultural EU

First a few snapshots of the situation. Reuters:

EU envoys say “hybrid attack” is legal basis for new Belarus sanctions

“EU ambassadors agreed on Wednesday that Belarus’ decision to encourage Middle Eastern migrants to enter Poland can legally be considered a “hybrid attack” that serves as a basis for a new round of sanctions on Minsk, diplomats said.”

Wall Street Journal:

Europe Sees ‘a New Type of War,’ Accusing Belarus of Weaponizing Migrants


Poland moves heavy military equipment to Belarusian border — Belarusian Foreign Ministry

Hey, EU, what happened to the ultra-liberal slogan “No Human is Illegal“? How did immigrants go from being humans to becoming weapons? If you really want to help immigrants just let them transit through conservative Poland and let them live happily in woke Germany for example. Funny by the way that EU now basically admits that demographic warfare exists.

Corporate ultra-“liberals” in the West today have two goals: 1) exploit immigrant cheap labor, and 2) destroy white Europe. But now that they have, to a large degree, achieved these goals they are afraid of balkanization. Their own elite power is threatened by instability which they have created both in the West and in the Middle East (through criminally reckless wars the last two decades).

The surveillance-industrial complex loves balkanization, but AI drone surveillance is not fully developed yet. It will take maybe 5 to 10 years to get the panopticon one hundred percent operational. Woke elites are relatively vulnerable and very nervous in the meanwhile.

I’m against mass immigration, but today’s slower and less intense migration to Europe will gradually destroy our original Western cultures in any case, so from the viewpoint of accelerationism one might as well focus on the silver lining of Belarus letting many immigrants enter EU quickly, because it will more quickly overload the woke and libertine system until it hopefully falls apart. Conservatives can then rebuild and peacefully repatriate almost all immigrants.

I support conservative Poland, but the Polish are part of ultra-liberal EU, so my sympathy is reduced until they exit EU, like Britain did.

Some superficial and lowbrow academics may accuse me of being a “racist”, but I have more in common with a Christian African than I have with a libertine/woke white dude. Or as the rather populist Black Panthers once said:

“We say All Power to the People–Black Power to Black people and Brown Power to Brown People, Red Power to Red People and Yellow Power to Yellow People. We say White Power to White People””

Let white Europe be free and strong, and let black Africa be equally free and strong. Africa is starting to rise economically and Asia will probably be the next economic center of the world. It’s therefore very outdated and Eurocentric to claim that Europe, the second smallest continent, should tolerate mass migration in the name of “saving humanity”, as if that is the woke man’s burden. Hans Rosling writes in Factfulness: “Yes, I think the Western domination of the world economy will soon be over.”

The only immigration to Europe I “support” is the one from Belarus to EU, because it’s a black comedy, a cynically good laugh.

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