FBI oppresses journalism in America

This is yet another disturbing development in the US, from Project Veritas / FOX:

O’KEEFE AND HANNITY ON FBI RAIDS: “Process is the punishment”

Dealing with timid and weak generations of Westerners in the 2020s it is easy for the thugs in corrupt police forces to secure compliance by threatening citizens with: Process (harassment by the police) is the punishment. Roughly 97% of all people will engage in self-censorship and keep a very low profile after watching on FOX that the FBI has made an example out of James O’Keefe. Mission accomplished by the FBI.

Western states have become hybrid authoritarian regimes. We have “freedom” within the panopticon infrastructure, in the same way radio-tagged cattle or sheep can roam “freely” in the wilderness because they are easy to locate and pick up. If you strongly object to this woke surveillance system you are marginalized or treated like James O’Keefe. Universities have been silenced too, as Niall Ferguson explains in a talk with Lex Fridman (0:01:49):

Niall Ferguson: History of Money, Power, War, and Truth | Lex Fridman Podcast #239

In Cold War 2 we have sleazy authoritarian FBI and Christian authoritarian FSB. If being forced to choose between these two evils, with no third alternative, it’s only natural that cultural conservatives will instinctively prefer Kremlin over Washington.

Unlike the situation in the first Cold War one gets the impression that Washington doesn’t care that even moderate conservatives are starting to view Russia as the lesser evil. These libertine mobsters don’t care because AI robots will give elites unprecedented power in the near future when human workers are more or less replaced by machines owned by the elite.

On the other hand, if the American elite surprises us all by suddenly respecting moderate cultural conservatism, as explained here, then many conservatives will naturally go back to supporting Washington. It is really that easy. But don’t get your hopes up. The AI elite views us as dinosaurs, a dying breed, soon irrelevant in the new robot panopticon, unless a cataclysmic event (partly) destroys 4IR (fourth industrial revolution). This may perhaps occur sooner than you think. The following video from Stoic Finance is just meant as entertainment for those of us who enjoy post-apocalyptic movies, so don’t necessarily view it as predictive, just an indicator of chaotic uncertainty:

Global Energy Crisis Has Caused A Worldwide COLLAPSE!

The title of the video, by the way, is an example of the new genre of hyperbolic stoicism 🙂

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