One reason why conservatives should defend Taiwan: a war may destroy the liberal globalist system

Jesus did not use a computer. Washington was not on Facebook or Gab. Conservatives have existed the last 40,000 years. The 4IR (fourth industrial revolution) has existed 25 years, and has already decimated cultural conservatism in the West. Norway, for example, is officially no longer a Christian state. 4IR is the mortal enemy of conservatism, and it will totally kill all traditions when our pre-online generation dies in the 2040s or 2050s. We are like the generation which disappeared after WW1, as Musk has pointed out on social media: “old world dying in a blaze of splendor”.

4IR is based on semiconductors created to a large degree by TSMC in Taiwan. This progressive island aka “Silicon Valley West” is therefore no friend of cultural conservatives, so we conservatives are self-destructive if supporting a corporate regime that contributes to annihilating us.

But it can seem like rightwing Americans are more focused on beating China, no matter what, even if it means defending a woke anti-conservative regime on an island almost on the other side of the planet. This relatively shortsighted tribal bellicosity in the US has a silver lining however, because a war over Taiwan has a good chance of (partly) destroying 4IR.

Either Beijing or Taipei will quickly blow up TSMC. America will have less reason to defend Taiwan if TSMC is the first facility to be destroyed at the beginning of the invasion. Taipei will destroy it to prevent it from falling into the hands of the mainland.

A blockade of China is going to wreck global supply chains. This alone will probably be the last nail in the coffin of the neoliberal world order. Say goodby to much of the Internet if China and Russia cut underwater fiber cables, shoot down GPS satellites and hack Western infrastructure. Conservatives can then rebuild afterward.

All the above may happen while having little or no impact on people who live traditionally.

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