China stops anti-conservative movies. America basically does nothing…

Global Times:

Chinese film authority encourages films of correct values, international exchanges in industry 14th five-year plan

“China Film Administration released 14th five-year plan (2021-25) for the film industry, encouraging the industry to create more works promoting correct values and traditional culture while reiterating that they should boycott vulgar contents.”

It’s a tragedy that CCP – a bunch of totalitarian 1984 commies – in some important ways have a more conservative culture policy than America today. I support Jeffersonian democracy and the original American Constitution, but if the only realistic option today is a choice between either a disgusting Brave New World panopticon in the West or a non-woke and non-libertine 1984 panopticon in the East, then it’s just simple logic that conservatives prefer the latter, in the same way it’s basic consistency that liberals support the former. But instead of being forced to choose between two evils I hope conservatives in America have the guts and ability to restore their own country, so that the US can go back to being a role model for moderate conservatives in the West.

And before anyone accuses me of being a China shill let me remind you that I’m a white-skinned nationalist, a supporter of Adam Smith, and in Europe I also support nonviolent repatriation of almost all immigrants, giving them ten years to repatriate (though repatriation of tens of millions may not be realistic). But you have to be blind and irrational to deny that both Russia and China are in some regards much more conservative than ultra-liberal America today.

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