Russia taking action against wokeness and libertinism, what will conservatives in America do? Nothing?


Russia labels LGBT rights group, lawyers as ‘foreign agents’

I don’t support authoritarianism, be it in the form of Western oligarchy or Eastern autocracy. It’s easy to see however that it’s obviously rational from an authoritarian viewpoint to label the pro-LGBT lobby in Russia as potential “foreign agents” because Western intelligence agencies are openly flagging their support of LGBT and brag about the skills of LGBT-oriented spies.

Daily Mail:

MI6 flies the transgender flag at its HQ for the first time as boss ‘C’ say trans and non-binary spies have made the secret service stronger

I have earlier warned here on that this might happen. It’s unethical to violate the basic human rights of LGBT individuals, though it’s very predictable that authoritarian regimes in the East will do anything necessary to prevent that wokeness from America becomes part of Russia or China for example. When ultra-liberal America tries to push LGBT into mainstream cultures it will only backfire and lead to more oppression of LGBT citizens in non-Western countries.

The Moscow Times:

Russia Considers Banning ‘Perverted’ TV Shows and Movies Online – Vedomosti

If this last policy is implemented in an effective way it will be supported 100% by all cultural conservatives. It would not have been necessary to take such measures if conservatives in America had cleaned up their own house.

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