Taiwan is basically part of Silicon Valley, so why should conservatives defend this woke Big Tech island?

Steve Bannon says Taiwan is “Silicon Valley West“, but conservatives hate Silicon Valley and hate the new Big Tech economy based to a large degree on semiconductors produced by TSMC in Taiwan, so we cultural conservatives are morons, total idiots, if we go fight and die for a progressive regime that builds the brains of the global woke panopticon.

TSMC builds the chips that make it possible for corporations to replace human workers with robots. These guys are also contributing to building the prototype “Skynet” or Skyborg as the new woke US military calls it:


Christians died in the Middle East in order to liberate Muslims from tyranny, a naive neocon idea which I actually supported for about 15 years after 2001. Fool me once… Conservatives deserve to be enslaved by the new woke AI surveillance regime in America and Europe if we fight a war that serves our ultra-liberal enemy in Silicon Valley. The woke oligarchy will then laugh all the way to the bank.

On the other hand, this gives us leverage, because conservatives should say to Taiwan: we’ll only defend Taiwan if you get Big Tech and Hollywood to produce culturally conservative editions of all mainstream movies, tv series and computer games, so that our high-tech popular culture (aka mainstream culture) gives common people the freedom to choose a conservative and Christian-compatible version of it.

If Taiwan uses its influence to create a culturally conservative version of the fourth industrial revolution, a version that can exist next to non-conservative options, so that all citizens have real freedom of choice, then I will defend Taiwan myself. Just give me a sniper rifle. But if Pentagon and NATO continue to support libertinism and wokeness, then it’s irrational and unChristian if conservatives support a military which is anti-conservative.

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