Explaining cultural conservatism to liberals and libertarians

Liberals often say that we cultural conservatives appear hypocritical when enjoying violent movies while we at the same time object to films, tv series and games showing nudity or containing vulgar swearing. But this conservative attitude need not be inconsistent at all.

Firstly, many cultural conservatives today, myself included, often base their objection to woke libertine pop culture on aesthetics, not ethics. In other words, the objection is not motivated by moralism. The dislike of libertine or woke entertainment is the result of cultural conservatives having a neurological disposition toward perceiving nudity, genitalia-fixated swearing and divergent sexuality in mainstream entertainment as simply being bad taste. It’s lame, tacky, cheesy or plain disgusting. These latter words are related to aesthetics, not ethics. So, if you claim to respect “neurodiversity” you must per definition also not disrespect the fact that a very large portion of humanity has a subjective taste which is different from the aesthetics preferred by liberals or libertarians.

If the entertainment industry wants to respect neurodiversity it should make three different versions of each movie, tv series and online game: 1) a libertarian edition, 2) a woke edition, and 3) a culturally conservative edition. The last version will be the most popular, because it will be apolitical, without wokeness, and without libertinism, so it can be enjoyed by all people, teens and the elderly, and sold in all states: California, Norway, Russia, France, China, Kenya, India, Argentina etc. That is real inclusion, since it’s apolitical, i.e. pure entertainment, and will therefore not offend libertarians or leftwing citizens.

We are all hypocrites, fallen sinners, but that is precisely why mainstream entertainment should be inspiring in a manner that appeals to both far-left people and far-right individuals, so that we are encouraged to become better human beings, regardless of our particular identities.

Secondly, it’s true that cultural conservatives enjoy entertainment containing violence, but only if a movie, tv series or game presents a violent conflict in a way that inspires good people to fight universally recognized evil individuals: criminals or tyrants who physically attack innocent citizens. But it’s not inspiring or uplifting if the violence is excessive. Cultural conservatives prefer not to watch 18+ movies.

It’s a paradox that liberals or libertarians say they support peace while enjoying horrific or nasty tv violence. They often say that cultural conservatives are “oppressive” or “authoritarian” but we conservatives actually prefer family-friendly entertainment that everyone can enjoy, for example a Tom Hanks movie like Sully: Miracle on the Hudson.

Thirdly, it’s a core value of cultural conservatives to defend that which gives rise to life. Marriage is sacred because it leads to new life. Marriage is special because it’s anti-entropy. Sexuality from this perspective is not meant to be cheap entertainment.

Cultural conservatism is based on Romanticism. The latter is incompatible with libertinism. You can’t combine them. Many women are naturally Romanticists, and that is why many of them are cultural conservatives. This ideology is “feminine” in a way. This can also, to some degree, explain why rightwing Christians and leftwing feminists in Norway have cooperated in some cases where their interests are aligned (though for partly different reasons). I’m a 2A feminist. I like independent and strong women with guns, Lauren Boebert for example.

Conservatives instinctively object to mixing the beautiful and the disgusting. Combining beauty and vulgarity is aesthetically the most offensive one can do from a culturally conservative viewpoint. It’s sacrilege. It’s therefore very counterproductive “exposure therapy” when libertine/woke Hollywood sells entertainment which exposes conservatives to values that are the totally opposite of moderate conservatism. This propaganda will only lead to a culture war. It will backfire.

Average citizens, the sheep, follow almost any leadership, be it rightwing or leftwing, so almost any type of top-down propaganda will have an effect on them, but politically active conservatives will fight woke/libertine propaganda, thereby starting a culture war that will also influence common people, which eventually polarizes a whole society.

Moderate cultural conservatives argue primarily that mainstream entertainment should express the basic values of common people in a way that doesn’t offend anybody, so that everybody can enjoy it, regardless of whether they are far-left, in the middle or far-right. In short, mainstream entertainment should not be politicized. Subcultural entertainment, however, can be woke or libertine, as long as it’s off-Broadway and only distributed by indy-companies. Alternatively, let all mainstream movies, tv series and online games come in three versions, as discussed above, so that customers have freedom of choice when buying or renting entertainment.

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