Will Putin or Xi be the next target of a drone assassination attempt?


Iraqi PM safe after drone attack on residence, military says

“Three drones were used in the attack, including two that were intercepted and downed by security forces while a third drone hit the residence, state news agency INA quoted a spokesman for the interior ministry as saying.” (…)

“Remains of a small explosive-laden drone used in the attack were retrieved by security forces to be investigated, a security official with knowledge of the attack told Reuters.”

This is only the beginning. The smallest computers are already no bigger than a few mm. A suitcase 25cm x 100cm x 20cm can contain 50,000 insect drones if each drone is 1 cm3. Each of these “wasps” can be deadly if injecting botulinum.

A geofence around Kremlin or Zhongnanhai plus thousands of blinding lasers may shoot down a sneaky “botulinum wasp”, but there is a way to get an insect drone inside the office of Putin or Xi. Or the office of the American president. It’s probably not smart to describe this assassination tactic here, because some may claim I’m trying to help terrorists or the CIA for example. But you can figure it outside yourself if you simply ask the question: how can I smuggle one or more insect drones into Kremlin or Zhongnanhai? You can bet that intelligence agencies in the West and East have figured it out already.

There is basically little or nothing that will stop a highly dispersed swarm of up to 500 000 insect drones, each hiding patiently for the right moment to attack.

DARPA may have already developed swarms of AI “killer bees”. Putin and Xi have therefore reason to be paranoid and develop their own insect drone swarms. 500 000 tiny drones, no larger than maybe 5 mm3 each, can also “spray” synbio viruses all over Big Tech cities in the East or West.

It’s in the inherent nature of the security dilemma and the AI bot arms race that drones will become smaller and smarter, with machine-speed agility. One hundred spies, each with a suitcase of 50,000 tiny recon drones, can deploy five million drones in order to monitor an area of at least 5 million square meters. The anti-surveillance movement will then practically be dead. Cultural conservatism however may survive in the West if the leaders in Washington, Los Angeles and Silicon Valley finally realize that rightwing people can become spies for conservative Russia if they continue to be alienated by wokeness and libertinism in the West.

Personally I have no longer any faith in the future of humanity. It is going to be hell one way or another. We’ll either get 1) surveillance dystopia, 2) the artificial “happiness” of a decadent luxurious Brave New World, or 3) post-apocalyptic liberty. The last option is the lesser evil from a culturally conservative perspective, because it gives original humanity a chance to rebuild after WW3. A nuclear winter will certainly cure global warming…

In Cold War 1 it was leaders in the West who said: “better dead than red”. In CW2 it’s leaders of authoritarian regimes who may prefer to live in a post-apocalyptic society instead of being killed by the superior AI bots of Washington and Silicon Valley. Drug cartels and criminals in general will feel the same if they are informed about this existential threat.

In the chaotic 2020s and 2030s, try to control millions or billions of people who are scared, paranoid, with little hope, especially not when their minds are filled with demoralizing violent and sleazy movies, tv series and games pumped out each day by woke profit-driven Western streaming services. Western corporate states today are the first regimes deliberately spreading entertainment that demoralizes and/or polarizes their own populations in an era of unprecedented crises on a global level. These corporate “mobster” regimes will reap what they sow, and get what they deserve.

Moderate conservatives have no reason to support governments and corporations that find pleasure in pissing on moderate conservative values. Fight the 4IR (fourth industrial revolution) as long as it remains woke and libertine, or as long as there is no edition of 4IR in the West that respects cultural conservatism. Give us editions of movies, tv series and games that are not woke, not libertine, and we’ll have less reason to focus on the silver lining of a totally destroyed 4IR. Less reason to work for conservative Russia.

But woke oligarchs in the US will probably increase surveillance instead of depolarizing the West. They may conclude that real peace in America and Europe is unnecessary, because drone surveillance can give them max security. This conclusion is rational enough, at first glance, but it may one day be disproven by the initiatives of authoritarian leaders in China or Russia for example. The aftermath of 1/6 proved that US leaders are also paranoid. ABC:

Inside look at how 25,000 National Guardsmen are arriving in Washington, DC

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