Is Elon Musk, with his superior semiconductors and love of China, the 21st century equivalent to red spies in the Manhattan Project?


Tesla unveils chip to train A.I. models inside its data centers

“Tesla’s new chip will be the fastest training computer for artificial-intelligence models, an employee said.”

Global Times:

GT Voice: Tesla success tells of indispensability of China to multinationals

“On Tuesday, Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, tweeted an ancient Chinese poem about boiling beans, a metaphor for averting cut-throat rivalry between two brothers. While the poem sparked heated discussions among netizens trying to figure out what Musk was referring to, one thing is certain — that the world’s richest man has attached great importance to China.”

“The manufacturing prowess and market size of China have contributed significantly to Tesla’s success. In September, Tesla China hit a new sales record of 56,006 vehicles, up 27 percent month-over-month and 394 percent year-over-year. Meanwhile, the Shanghai Gigafactory continues to maintain its strong production capacity and has become a main vehicle export hub of Tesla.” (…)

“Since Trump’s trade war in 2018, there have been plenty of conspiracy theories that American companies would shift their supply chains out of China, but Tesla and many other American firms have ratcheted up their investment and expanded their foothold in China. …”

CCP obviously has one or two good reasons to keep Tesla happy in China. It makes it easier for PLA to learn a thing or two about Tesla’s semiconductors. But what if espionage isn’t necessary? Elon Musk is driven by a clinically insane dream to merge humans and machines in order to build cyborgs that can beat an AGI in the future. An Asperger who takes such crazy ideas very seriously may also be able to give chip secrets to China, partly because 1) he may think, like red spies in the 1940s, that peace can be saved if not only America has the most destructive weapons, 2) China is doing exciting AI biotech research, and 3) Musk has not only global ambitions, but also interplanetary objectives, which means that loyalty to America is not his primary concern.

The Guardian:

Atom spy Klaus Fuchs was motivated by conscience

“Fuchs felt that if the Soviet Union had the wherewithal to make its own bomb, this would prevent its misuse by one nation alone. One can deprecate his clandestine leaking of this information to what was at the time an ally, but he was hardly a traitor in the usual sense of the word. He was deeply opposed to war and acted on his conscience. Fuchs should be viewed more as a victim of burgeoning cold war politics than as someone who “betrayed … the country that had welcomed him as a refugee from nazism”.”

On the other hand, it’s equally clear that Musk is not loyal to China either. The Aspergers and nerdy singularity dreamers in West Coast Big Tech have their own agenda: the creation of interplanetary cyborg rule, cf Heavens on Earth by Michael Shermer, the editor of Skeptic magazine. The leaders of transhumanistic Big Tech in the West are the new kings and emperors. Seattle and Silicon Valley are the real power centers in the US/EU, not Washington DC or London/Berlin. It’s therefore possible that Elon and co. will outmaneuver both the Politburo and the White House. At the current trajectory he’s not wrong when using social media to present a quote about soon anachronistic royalty and the “old world dying in a blaze of splendor”.

When cultural conservatism in the West has been reduced to “barstool conservatism” then close to nothing is left of genuine traditionalism in the new age of 4IR (fourth industrial revolution). Russia supports Musk too, and Kremlin isn’t really doing much to stop online libertinism. Only China is anti-libertine (though its shop windows in 2006 and 2009 indicated otherwise) but China today is way too scary 1984. The point is that cultural conservatism and surveillance resistance are pretty unrealistic options in the 4IR Cold War. Only a cataclysmic event like a Taiwan War spinning out of control will liberate original humanity from the golden chains of 4IR.

The US government will woo Musk, because it’s necessary from a military point of view. Hudson Institute:

The End of American Intelligence Dominance?

Maybe it will be neither happy cyborg utopia or post-apocalyptic liberty but instead a cyberpunk dystopia or like the movie Elysium. A cyberpunk dystopia? Yeah, you are already living in it today unfortunately. Real cultural conservatism has died, not with a bang, not in a whimper but in decadent happy consumerism. Surveillance resistance has also been beaten by ads and commercials. Bruce Schneier: “We have knowingly and willingly built the architecture of a police state, just so companies can show us ads.” This really is the banality of evil. Conservatives, barstool rightwing people, online addicts and other hypocrites should nevertheless fight woke 4IR, just for the kick of it.

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