Will anti-conservative intelligence agencies, woke militaries and pro-LGBT corporations understand they have been betting on the wrong horse after Democrats’ gubernatorial defeat in Virginia?

The Guardian:

Democrats’ stinging Virginia defeat raises stark questions for Biden’s tenure

“Joe Biden exuded confidence. “We’re going to win,” the US president told reporters before departing Cop26 in Glasgow. “I think we’re going to win in Virginia.””

“But as Biden returns to Washington, he faces questions about why his prediction was so wrong – and whether Democrats’ loss in the most important election of the year will send his presidency into a downward spiral.”

The New York Times:

Rough Night for Democrats Exposes the Party’s Weakness

“Less than a year after taking power in Washington, the party faces a grim immediate future, struggling to energize voters without a presidential foil and losing messaging wars to Republicans.”

Timcast sees the election from a culture war perspective:

Democrats Got CRUSHED In VA Race, Dirty Tricks BACKFIRED In Virginia Resulting In Youngkin Win

Breaking Points:

POLLS: Dems Predict Biden Will LOSE In 2024 | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

It was a relief to hear that woke Democrats got defeated in Virginia. I’m not an optimist regarding the future of cultural conservatism in the West, but have always claimed that conservatives should keep fighting, against all odds. Some of this pessimism has now been reduced. I really hope Democrats’ defeat sends a message to corporations, the IC and the military that betting on libertine wokeness can backfire.

The woke left hates corporations, the military and the IC no matter what. The Guardian for example writes that CIA forges unity in diversity: everybody hates their ‘woke’ recruitment ad. Consequently, the Establishment will not get any new genuine friends on the Left but will instead alienate conservatives by embracing wokeness.

Christians in the US have always supported Republicans, corporations and the military. Therefore a very reluctant kudos to lefties for having created hostility between conservatives and corporations by getting the latter to support wokeness. This lefty strategy was cleverly done, it was a series of nicely played chess moves, and deserves a bravo for that reason alone.

The future of cultural conservatism is uncertain even if Republicans win in 2024. Firstly, the popular culture in the West is to a large degree determined by woke California. The ultra-liberal entertainment industry in American coastal cities will probably not change their libertine woke policy unless conservatives in the US put pressure on them like India and Poland have done. Secondly, when popular but fake conservatives like Ben Shapiro get away with making a “conservative” movie full of violence and with nudity too, then you know that most Americans in the 2020s have no clue what cultural conservatism really means.

Russia, not America, is the torch of Christianity today. But if woke Democrats’ defeat in Virginia leads to real change, so that cultural conservatives have for example the option to buy editions of movies, tv series and online games which don’t disrespect their moderate traditionalist values, then I will instantly return to being a friend of America. Without genuine change however the idealist in me will still claim that the original American Constitution and Jeffersonian democracy are always the ideal form of government. But realistically there might be no other option than to choose between 1) woke or nasty oligarchs in Washington, or 2) a non-woke autocrat (tzar) in Russia. Choosing between two evils is not good, obviously, so I hope Western corporations and governments stop disrespecting moderate cultural conservatives, because then it will be no need to “support” the government in Russia.

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