Black Lives Matter is partly down and “barstool conservatism” is better than nothing


Woke Left IMPLODING, Most Now OPPOSE Black Lives Matter As CRT Pushes People To Vote Republican

Breaking Points:

Saagar Enjeti: The NEW Culture War Is Here And Its BAD For Dems

The American Conservative:

Barstool Conservatism

The above confirms that Russia, not America, is the torch of cultural conservatism. Damn, even the CCP is more conservative than most Americans today… That being said, my attitude has always been that mainstream cultures should be for average, normal, common people while divergent individuals can express themselves freely in subcultures.

For example, I have never cared about what LGBT people do in their subculture. A lefty friend once invited me to a LGBT party and I had a good time. I also respect Greenwald and Manning. But if any rightwing or leftwing subculture tries to dictate what I should like, and if they try to use mainstream entertainment as propaganda in order to change mainstream cultures, then we got a culture war. Today’s culture war only creates hostility toward LGBT.

In other words, if you are LGBT, then do your own thing but don’t march around demanding that other people should like what you like. Respect true diversity. Some like pea soup, others don’t. Don’t push your values upon other people, unless you want to provoke pushback.

Corporations, please decide whether you want to support common people or woke ideologists.

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