Will Facebook reintroduce facial recognition after the Metaverse has become an essential part of the economy?


Facebook will shut down facial recognition system

“Critics say facial recognition technology – which is popular among retailers, hospitals and other businesses for security purposes – could compromise privacy, target marginalized groups and normalize intrusive surveillance. IBM has permanently ended facial recognition product sales, and Microsoft Corp (MSFT.O) and Amazon.com Inc (AMZN.O) have suspended sales to police indefinitely.”

This is good news (at least at first glance). When Big Tech companies do something positive they deserve credit for it, but there is always good reasons to be very skeptical of very powerful groups, because power corrupts everyone. The history of Facebook has shown that the company conceals important information. It’s the concealment in itself that is the worst here in this case.

Facebook’s reputation is not good, as seen in this talk with Niall Ferguson (the famous Davos-elite historian) published by GEOPOP:

Distopia [sic] has Arrived | Niall Ferguson on Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse

So Facebook needs to clean up its moral image if it wants to more efficiently roll out the Metaverse, and that is probably why they drop facial recognition. But it takes only a few clicks to re-implement facial recognition. It’s therefore possible that Facebook will turn it on again after the Metaverse has become a natural part of people’s lives, especially if an “emergency” demands it, like a new pandemic for example.

What if Facebook sells Metaverse data without facial recognition to third-party ad companies and one of these corporations is secretly owned by NSA? What if the latter hacks Facebook and in real-time applies a facial recognition program to the data streams it receives? In Cold War 2 you should not trust anyone who says that NSA and Big Tech can’t possibly cooperate in secret, on the highest level, with only a few executives knowing the real purpose of a new fiber optic cable attached to a Facebook or Amazon server. The cable may not be connected to the police or NSA. It can however be linked to a respectable company with leaders who cooperate with the NSA. Yes, spies are indeed very devious, especially after Snowden.

The Intercept:


“The NSA’s Hidden Spy Hubs in Eight U.S. Cities”

Banning facial recognition makes it easier to forget that there are many other surveillance methods which in aggregate can be just as effective as facial recognition. Bruce Schneier:

We’re Banning Facial Recognition. We’re Missing the Point.

“Facial recognition is a technology that can be used to identify people without their knowledge or consent. It relies on the prevalence of cameras, which are becoming both more powerful and smaller, and machine learning technologies that can match the output of these cameras with images from a database of existing photos.”

“But that’s just one identification technology among many. People can be identified at a distance by their heart beat or by their gait, using a laser-based system. Cameras are so good that they can read fingerprints and iris patterns from meters away.”

So what if Facebook silently reintroduces “iris recognition” for example? Surveillance cameras can then detect a lot of people not wearing glasses, without Facebook strictly lying when corporate media tells common people that FB no longer uses facial recognition. Big Tech companies are experts at finding loopholes and manipulating people. Only fools trust powerful CEOs and political leaders who repeatedly lie or conceal the truth.

Don’t trust me either. For all you know I can be working for FSB or MSS using this website to spin negativity around Big Tech in the US. Me admitting to this possibility doesn’t make it less likely that my real long-term goals are perhaps concealed. Have no trust when being in a cyberwar zone. By the way, I don’t need your trust, because I mainly write online articles as a way to pass time, in lack of better entertainment now that many movies, tv series and games are woke and libertine.

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