Police extremism: cops using woke VR games to learn policing. Extreme criminality: crooks using deep fakes in bank heist.

Police extremists in the new (soft) police states in the West have now fallen in the trap of gamification, i.e. adding game mechanics into non-game environments. They probably don’t even see the irony and hypocrisy when the police at the same time accuse some evil militant activists of engaging in “gamification of terrorism”.

How will the brain of cops react when muscle memory is drilled to interact with humans as if they are in a game? Maybe the result is good, depending on how you define “good”. But when the police are into VR gaming then expect that other actors will copy this behavior and use it according to how they define “good” and “bad”.

Some view it as “good” to steal from rich banks, and now some have used a deep fake to pull off a bank heist.

Pro Robot (01:30 – 01:53) (06:03 – 06-28):

The latest military robots at U.S. 2021 | Boston Dynamics News | Technology News

ABC 7:


On the other hand, what the heck, I totally dig that police officers have become gamers too! Being a gamer myself I hope I get an invite to one of their red teams in cool games more realistic than Rainbow Siege Six. In a game you at least have anti-cheat like Battleye to prevent the police from cheating, lying and stealing. Not that militant activists never tell “noble lies”… Both parties in the game of big city cops and robbers are too often very gray or pitch black actors. I support the local sherif in a small town, a sherif elected by the common people in that town.

Police VR training is woke brainwashing. CNN:

With virtual reality police training, Sacramento tries to ‘get to a much better place’

“The agency has coupled its immersive video simulators with cultural competency and implicit bias training, de-escalation, critical decision-making and peer intervention training.”

Unfortunately, when (militarized) cops are in the metaverse of Big Tech in Cold War 2 one can safely conclude that anti-surveillance and cultural conservatism are stiff corpses, in the ultra-“liberal” West at least. Gab vs Facebook is like Iceland vs China. Good luck winning that fight if you play by the rules of the system. But Westerners today are too often either geriatric retired dissidents/rebels or young zombies following Big Tech, so that’s why things are pretty hopeless as long as the established system is not destroyed by a cataclysmic event like a global war starting in Taiwan perhaps. Things, however, change fast in the 2020s, so keep fighting, against all odds, just for the love of the game. There is no better entertainment than dissident politics in today’s woke and libertine society in the West.

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