Why I’m considering using corporate social media perhaps

Cold War 2 makes high-tech surveillance unavoidable in the West. CW2 in combination with the “metaverse” will also kill the walking dead of cultural conservatism within 2045. There is little or no hope when even conservative Russia cooperates with Elon Musk. Futurism:

Russia Admits Defeat, Says It’ll Launch Cosmonauts on SpaceX Spacecraft

In the meanwhile I got no reach on Gab, Minds and Parler, which in one way is totally fine since many of my articles present relative hazardous information. But personally I’m only emotionally invested in encouraging the entertainment industry to make editions of movies, tv series and online games that cultural conservatives can enjoy without libertinism and no wokeness. It’s naive indeed but I hope it will be enough to contact entertainment companies and suggest to them that they can earn money and deescalate the culture war if they create three versions of each movie, tv series and online game: 1) a libertarian edition, 2) a woke edition, and 3) a cultural conservative edition. Only then do we have true diversity. Only then will customers have freedom of choice when buying or renting entertainment. Maybe a petition at change.org will help? Perhaps India or Israel for example is willing to lobby the entertainment industry on behalf of cultural conservatives? Naive questions but it doesn’t hurt to try… However, if all that is predictably ineffective, then the last option is to use corporate media, for the first time.

But on corporate social media I will only present information strictly related to encouraging the entertainment industry to respect true diversity, as described above. I will not link to drone-surveillance.info or any other of my websites. So the IC can relax.

Have always said I’m a 70% realist and just 30% cultural conservative, so can live with being wrongly perceived as a “sellout” if or when using corporate social media, because cultural conservatism in the West today is in any case only being kept artificially alive in Cold War 2 and in the fourth industrial revolution. The fight against surveillance is currently also a lost cause.

Other cultural conservatives should keep fighting nevertheless, because anything can happen in the chaos of the 2020s, but I lack energy because of narcolepsy, so can’t fight on many conservative fronts. Working on changing the entertainment industry is more than enough when being chronically sleepy. Though will of course write here on drone-surveillance.info because Cold War 2 etc is exciting like hell, literally.

Ironically, the advantage of having a verified account on corporate social media, and only discussing entertainment, is that many will then see I’m not fedposting, not working for any intelligence agency. Of course, I could be playing the long game, but I’m not. Just give me Cold War 2 and lots of good online games and my attention will not be focused on anything subversive. Will then be happy to sit on the fence and enjoy observing the clash of titans in Cold War 2. Maybe cultural conservatism will rise from the rubble after a global war starting in Taiwan or Ukraine?

Yahoo News:

China could invade Taiwan ‘soon,’ says former Australian PM Abbott

“A former Australian prime minister said Friday he thinks China could “soon” invade Taiwan or otherwise escalate the situation and that the West should now be planning its military and economic response.”

““I think we need to be prepared to think the unthinkable,” former Prime Minister Tony Abbott said at a Wilson Center event here.”


The US Navy is going underground as NATO increases its focus on its northern border with Russia

“The US Navy deployed a mobile hospital to a cave system in Norway in October.”

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