Maybe Russia and China are much more powerful (i.e. dangerous) than GDP suggests, if one takes Military-PPP into account

I follow facts (if they are indeed facts), so when assessing the power of the Russian 1984 panopticon and the power of the 1984 panopticon in China compared to the perverse Brave New World panopticon in the West it’s important to take the following into consideration.

First an article from “unbiased” Politifact:

Russia “has an economy the size of Italy.”


Debating defence budgets: Why military purchasing power parity matters

Acquisition Talk:

Who spends more? The debate over military budgets in the US and China

MIT Press Direct:

The Power of Nations: Measuring What Matters

A war over Taiwan can have truly global consequences even if a war of attrition is “only” conventional. The chapter “BRITAIN VERSUS CHINA, 1839–1911” in the linked MIT article shows why China has a grudge that will probably motivate Beijing to fight to the bitter end, especially if the military-PPP of Russia and China is almost equal to that of America.

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