US catching up in the hypersonic arms race, so will this force China to quickly attack Taiwan?


U.S. successfully tests hypersonic booster motor in Utah

“”We are on schedule for the upcoming flight test of the full common hypersonic missile,” said Vice Admiral Johnny Wolfe Jr, Director, Navy’s Strategic Systems Programs, lead designer on the program. That flight test, of the combined boost rocket and hypersonic weapon, is slated to happen before autumn 2022.”

This is so exciting!

All members of Warmongers United agree however that it’s namby-pamby wishy-washy if Beijing decides that it’s not worth it to maybe sacrifice the interior of China during and after a Taiwan War that will probably lead to a blockade of trade in and out of the mainland. CaspianReport discusses China’s dependency on trade in this interesting video:

Why China cannot abandon communism

But if China really is improving in the field of robust (photonic) military-grade chips, then CCP may feel intensely that a spectacular war in Taiwan is not a temptation too far. They are bloody serious …it appears. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in China says in a video published by ShanghaiEye魔都眼 :

On Tsai’s confirmation of US troops in island: “Taiwan Independence” destined to be a dead end

Wonderful 🙂 The entertainment factor of Cold War 2 is perfect, with more chaos and surprise than Freddy Krueger and Alec Baldwin combined. I’m a 70% realist and 30% cultural conservative so to be honest I have to admit that even though cultural conservatism appears at the moment to be a lost cause (in the West) the suspense and norepinephrine kick of Cold War 2 make up for it, kind of…

Conservatives should not give up however, not as long as the theater of culture war is very fun too, for both actors and the audience. In this unpredictable situation you never know who will eventually win at the end of the day. The current victory of woke corporations can still be destroyed by an earthquake. Because instability is the hallmark of the 2020s.

Enjoy the chaos

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