Conservative truckers and farmers should not work for Mars Inc or any other corporation spreading LGBT propaganda in commercials and in mainstream entertainment

Timcast (05:55):

Corporate Social Credit Scores Are HERE, Woke Commercials Prove It

Many farmers and truckers support conservative values, as seen in this video from Timcast (09:10):

Famous Leftist Calls For Unvaccinated To Be Isolated And Deprived Of Food, Civil War Talk Escalates

All countries in the West copy America, more or less, so it’s important that US conservatives actually stand up now and really fight corporate wokeness, especially wokeness in the entertainment industry. I no longer watch American movies and tv series. Boycott it all if you want to defend conservatism.

The fight should be nonviolent. Truckers for example should call in sick if there is an order carrying goods from a Mars Inc factory. Mobilize and use the same nonviolent methods as woke radicals.

Send an email to Mars Inc:

Be polite and civilized when communicating with corporations.

If cultural conservatives are not even willing to sacrifice a chocolate bar in order to protect their own values then conservatism is already dead.

But I basically support free speech and don’t like censorship, so the best solution is to encourage corporations to make three versions of each commercial, movie, tv series and online game: 1) a libertarian edition, 2) a woke edition, and 3) a cultural conservative edition. This is similar to how you can buy a rated or unrated version of a movie. This solution respects true diversity and give customers real freedom to choose what they want to watch. It will depolarize the West and thereby also reduce the need for surveillance.

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