Nissan’s robotic car factory (almost) without humans, illustrating the death of conservatism, but will bored unemployed humans rebel against Industry 4.0?

Pro Robot:

Industry 4.0 – People No Longer Needed? | High-tech production without people

If cultural conservatives live in a fantasy world of believing in the possibility of creating an alternative economy to Big Tech it will be no rebellion, but maybe just a marginalized Amish 2.0…

A war between China and America on the other hand can destroy both the liberal world order and 4IR (fourth industrial revolution). GEOPOP:

China and the End of the World Order | Michael Beckley

So cultural conservatives should continue fighting and not become defeatists. But if no cataclysmic event (partly) destroys 4IR then it’s just a simple fact that cultural conservatism is R.I.P, unless a combination of boredom and woke entertainment drives enough conservatives to a point where “deplorables” in the 2020s sabotage 4IR factories before a fully developed panopticon makes all rebellion impossible.

As things are today I’m certainly not betting on any rebellion happening. But the 2020s are so chaotic that anything can happen.

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