Cold War 2: NATO threatens Russia with nuclear weapons + Ukraine threatens Kremlin with missile strikes + super-deadly drones in general…


German attache in Moscow given a note over Germany’s nuclear deterrence statements

“On October 21, the German defense minister claimed in a live broadcast that NATO was ready, if necessary, to employ military capabilities, including nuclear weapons, to deter Russia”

No reaction from Paris, Berlin to Kiev’s threats of missile strike at Russia — diplomat

“Maria Zakharova noted that Kiev’s remarks regarding a missile strike at Russia and an initiation of a full-scale military operation “cannot but cause concern””

We already have MAD, since the 1960s (and earlier), so it’s frivolous, redundant and not very credible when ultra-liberal Germany claims that NATO in today’s particular situation is ready for World War 3. The West in the 2020s consists of a bunch of obscene hedonists addicted to sex and smartphones, while Russia is poorer than Italy, with such a weak economy that Putin’s regime will crumble if Russia tries to occupy Ukraine. The main actors in Cold War 2 are not like original NATO and Soviet Union. I guess and speculate however that woke NATO is afraid that a war over Taiwan will escalate until Moscow gets involved in Europe to fight AUKUS (England) in or near Ukraine.

Cold War 2 is dangerous because even a decadent weakling has the strength to hit the red button. If the West handles Cold War 2 like it dealt with Covid and the ongoing culture war it’s not entirely unlikely that raunchy consumers and their sick hybrid-authoritarian leaders in the US/EU slide and stumble into WW3, similar to what happened in 1914. Leaders in the East today are equally bad, in their own way.

The current escalations toward a horrible future have now reached a point where it’s in one way rather meaningless to focus on the vulgar culture of the West today, because this smutty culture is like the last party in the movie Der Untergang. In one way it’s certainly understandable if cynics say: why care about cultural questions when we are (fast) approaching either the hell of total surveillance or the hell of war? In one way it’s actually best from a cultural conservative perspective to accelerate the nasty sex-fixated toxic culture in the ultra-liberal West until the centrifugal forces of disintegration destroy it all. Then we can rebuild after the woke and libertine panopticon no longer exists. If you think I’m an alarmist exaggerating things then you are uninformed. If you lack the patience to read all the info here on maybe the following video is entertaining enough to catch your attention (briefly).

The Hated One:

Autonomous Weapons Are Unstoppable

A swarm can stop a swarm in some cases, but stopping stealthy insect drones with superior AI based on superior chips is not possible in many situations. The video above mentions Locate X. For more info on that read Vice:

Military Unit That Conducts Drone Strikes Bought Location Data From Ordinary Apps

“The 132d Wing of the Iowa National Guard bought Locate X, a product that lets users search by a specific area to see which devices were present.”

“A division of the Iowa Air National Guard that carries out overseas intelligence missions, performs reconnaissance, and conducts strikes with Reaper drones recently bought access to location data harvested from ordinary apps installed on peoples’ smartphones, Motherboard has found. The tool, called Locate X, lets users search by a specific area and see which devices were present in that location at a particular point in time.”

“… Motherboard previously reported how a Muslim-focused prayer app provided data to a company called X-Mode whose customers include military contractors, and that Special Operations Command (SOCOM) also bought access to Locate X.”

“The specific part of the military that bought the Locate X product in the new contract was the 132d Wing of the Iowa Air National Guard, based out of Des Moines, Iowa, public procurement records show. The contract was for just over $35,000, and includes “Premium data feed—Locate X—1 year subscription,” according to the records.” (…)

” … Venntel sells a similar location data product to various law enforcement agencies, including ICE, the IRS, and CBP, that the company builds by collating information from ordinary apps.”

” … Motherboard has previously shown with an internal CBP document that Venntel’s dataset is “global,” and this DHS document adds that it “brings together 80,000 mobile applications into a single source.””

For more fun and doom watch this video from Pro Robot (01:58 – 03:49) which shows what the near future will bring when humanoid robots learn to fly and hunt people through forests:

Samsung neuromorphic chip copies memory | Drone superpowers | Technology news

It sure is very facepalm hilarious when our “liberal” leaders and their lapdog academics claim that anti-Establishment activists are “radical” or “extreme”. Even bloody evil terrorists are relatively harmless compared to Big Tech and the rulers of empires. The real extremists are in corporations and governments, hypnotized by 4IR (fourth industrial revolution).

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