Online games catering to psychopaths, the sexually depraved and LGBT

Parents should be aware that many popular online games seem deliberately designed to expose children and teens to LGBT, psychopaths and sexually deviant people. This design appears deliberate because game developers know via lots of online complaints that many gamers want:

1) an ability to turn off the nicknames of other players in a game, because it happens too often that one encounters players with sick names revealing support of (almost) criminal behavior.

2) an option to search for guilds or group of gamers who like to use Discord or TeamSpeak in a family friendly way.

Regarding 1) it’s just too disgusting to repeat some of the nicknames one can encounter online when playing popular games. To take a harmless example which contradicts cultural conservatism it’s worth mentioning that in Destiny 2 your kids can meet people with nicknames such as “I’m gay”. In this latter case I’m basically not against censorship, but if game developers want to respect true diversity they should give customers the option to 1) completely turn off all nameplates above the heads of other gamers, and 2) turn off all player names that pop up on the screen in other contexts. It’s very easy to implement this option, but many gaming companies refuse to do it. This refusal proves that it’s deliberate. These ultra-liberal gaming corporations want to expose average young citizens to LGBT, sociopaths and culturally deviant individuals.

It’s also easy for game developers to create a guild finder (group search) which lets gamers join other players who respect family friendly values, but this option doesn’t exist. So if you let your teen play Rainbow Six Siege for example he or she will get exposed to swearing every 6 seconds on average (584 times per hour). I’m not supporting censorship in this case, but people who view all this swearing as tedious noise pollution should have an option that makes it easy to find other like-minded individuals who prefer to play without swearing.

In my case I’m opposed to swearing not because of ethics or religion but only because I subjectively find it to be bad taste and boring from an aesthetic viewpoint. Swearing was fun in The Wire, but that was almost 20 years ago. Cursing today is just lame, overused in American entertainment.

Parents should also know that online gaming groups can consist of all kinds of shady and criminal people, from spies and terrorists to gangsters who run brothels for example.

On Discord and TeamSpeak there are many gamers who have turned it into a competition to be as verbally perverse as possible.

Gaming companies are aware of online toxicity. Intel has therefore designed Bleep, a pro-woke AI program which censors hate speech in real time during chat in games. Polygon:

Intel responds to hate speech tool getting roasted by the internet

““Across the board, and across the globe, players raised concerns about witnessing and experiencing toxicity,” he said, before sharing some statistics on how often gamers experience harassment online. According to the Anti-Defamation League, “22% of gamers have quit playing certain games as a result of these negative experiences.””

I basically support a program like Bleep. I’m a cultural conservative but I’m opposed to harassing gay people for example. My attitude in gaming is simple: I will not push my politics into a game if developers and other players don’t push their own cultural/political values into the game. Let all mainstream entertainment be apolitical.

Instead of censorship I will suggest that each online game should have 3 servers: one server for libertarians, a second server for woke people, and a third server for cultural conservatives. This is similar to making a movie in two different versions, one unrated version for those over 18 and one family friendly edition. Start by making the unrated version first and then just cut away all politics and explicit content until you have a family friendly and apolitical game which cultural conservatives (and everybody else) can enjoy. This apolitical edition can then be sold everywhere, in China or India for example, making it possible for gaming companies to earn even more money.

But gaming companies appear not to be interested in earning as much money as possible, it seems. Instead they often create nasty ultra-“liberal” 18+ games, thereby reducing the number of customers willing to buy the game. This willingness to sacrifice profit indicates that gaming companies find propaganda value in exposing teens to sick and perverse content.

When Big Tech caters to psychopaths, perverts, libertines and woke people it proves that the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) in the West has no room for cultural conservatives. 4IR is not intended for cultural conservatives. It may even be argued that toxic lack of masculinity is correlated with the nerdy culture of living a large part of your life online, because this toxicity goes back decades and was a problem for NSA from the early days of chat services. James Bamford writes in Body of Secrets:

“Despite their sensitive jobs and high clearances, the elite participants in WebChat have caused concern within the intelligence community with “obscene and boorish behavior.””

If Big Tech in the West continues to ignore the values of moderate cultural conservatives it’s only natural that the latter will have an interest in destroying 4IR.

Ultra-liberals would also have had an interest in destroying 4IR if conservatives had been in control of Big Tech and used its power to alienate and systematically marginalize woke people.

4IR will only work if those in charge of it don’t disrespect 1) libertarians, 2) woke people, and 3) cultural conservatives.

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