John Mearsheimer: US deep state already decided to defend Taiwan

Very clear and interesting video linked below. The most interesting segments begin at 0:15 0:23 0:26 0:30 0:31 0:38 0:45 0:52 – 0:55.

Centre for Independent Studies:

The New Cold War | John Mearsheimer | Tom Switzer | CIS

My basic argument is that China will only be able to deter America from entering a Taiwan War if Beijing is willing to start WW3 by sending hypersonic missiles against Hawaii. China may do that because Beijing will view an American intervention as being an attack on China, which from their perspective can logically justify a reciprocal attack on the US. My guess and assumption is that Washington will not risk WW3 to defend Taiwan, but this presupposes that Pentagon actually believes that PLA is crazy enough to start WW3 if necessary. It’s reason to believe that CCP is literally insane in this case, as indicated in this article here.

I disagree with Kevin Rudd at 12:29 – 13:48 & 15:04 – 17:24 in this video from South China Morning Post:

Talking Post: Kevin Rudd unpacks the risk of war between China and the US with Yonden Lhatoo

It’s true that there is much trade between US and China, but this cooperation is outweighed by the new unprecedented arms race of 4IR (fourth industrial revolution). The Wall Street Journal:

Counterintelligence Head Narrows Focus to Five Technologies Critical to U.S. Dominance

“Artificial intelligence, quantum computing, biotechnology are among the fields the national counterintelligence chief says the U.S. must safeguard from rivals”

Russia cutting ties with NATO is another sign confirming Cold War 2. Newsweek:

Russia Cuts Ties With NATO, Closes Moscow Office After 8 Russians Expelled From Alliance

Nuclear Pakistan is a close strategic ally of China. The border conflict between China and India is therefore very dangerous. Another flashpoint in Cold War 2 is Iran. TV7 Israel News:

Iran’s strategic overview amid rising tensions – Jerusalem Studio 642

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