52% of Americans favor defending Taiwan militarily if China attacks the island. WW3 now approaching a bit faster.

The Chicago Council on Foreign Affairs:

For First Time, Half of Americans Favor Defending Taiwan If China Invades

“A slimmer majority (53%) support the United States’ signing a formal alliance with Taiwan, and a plurality (46%) favor explicitly committing to defend Taiwan if China invades.”

“When asked about a range of potential scenarios, just over half of Americans (52%) favor using US troops to defend if China were to invade the island. This is the highest level ever recorded in the Council’s surveys dating back to 1982, when the question was first asked.”

“Republicans (60%) are more likely to support sending US troops to Taiwan’s defense than Democrats (50%) or Independents (49%) – see appendix for more information on partisan divides and Taiwan.”

This is revving up for a global war not seen before in human history. Because China and Russia are not backing down. Global Times:

China-Russia coordination helps break AUKUS encirclement

” … China has a strong and reliable partner in the Western Pacific: Russia. This time, China has sent its most advanced 10,000-ton-class Type 055 large destroyer, while Russia dispatched the main force of its Pacific Fleet. This demonstrates that China and Russia attach great importance to defense cooperation.” (…)

“In other words, if the US wants to conduct a strategic blockade and siege, China and Russia will be likely to coordinate their stances or integrate the power of both countries. This way, they aim to break the US strategic blockade and military encirclement, as well as to completely crash its attempt to use AUKUS for a strategic containment. …”

“For example, in August, the Type 055 destroyer reportedly sailed in international waters near Alaska. Some analysts believe this time, there is a possibility of the destroyer approaching the US again. In any case, the PLA Navy’s activities will always be reasonable and legal. The Pacific is not the sphere of influence exclusive to the US. To maintain its strategic interests, the PLA Navy needs to enter the deep ocean, such as in-depth areas, to exercise and practice its combat capability. It should make response plans to prevent the US military from disturbing its normal exercises.” (…)

“Under such circumstances, China and Russia will boost their own national strength and military capabilities in the first place and then engage in active strategic deterrence.”

Maybe America wants India to put pressure on China in the Himalayas in order to weaken PLA’s focus on Taiwan? CNN:

With all eyes on Taiwan, tensions are building on another Chinese frontier: India

“Just 16 months ago, Chinese and Indian troops fought a deadly hand-to-hand battle in the Himalayas along the Line of Actual Control (LAC), the ill-defined de facto border between the two nuclear powers.”

“And now, tensions appear to be rising again.”

Maybe it’s in China’s interest to support Iran’s nuclear capabilities in an attempt to get America bogged down in the Middle East away from Taiwan? Foreign Affairs:

The Bomb Will Backfire on Iran

“Tehran Will Go Nuclear—and Regret It”

“After years of high tensions and fitful diplomacy, it should now be clear to all that there will be no negotiated solution to the Iranian nuclear issue. And although U.S. presidents and Israeli prime ministers have routinely insisted that all options remain on the table, it is unlikely that either the United States or Israel will use overt military force to eliminate Iran’s nuclear program. It is time to start envisioning a world with a nuclear-armed Iran.” (…)

“Getting the bomb would also undercut the regime’s quest for regional hegemony: the weapon that the mullahs would hail as the country’s strategic salvation could instead trigger a nuclear arms race in Iran’s neighborhood. It is hard to imagine the Saudis standing idly by as their main rival brandishes an atomic arsenal. Turkey, desperate to be a consequential power in the region, might also get in on the act. The Middle East would suddenly become more volatile—and Iran would be less secure.”

“In this scenario, a crucial factor would be the effect of a nuclear-armed Iran on domestic U.S. politics. Few other international topics have so intensely divided Republicans and Democrats in the past few years. Democrats have castigated Republicans as warmongers who reflexively abjure sensible arms control. Republicans have denounced Democrats as agents of appeasement. With the nuclear question settled, both parties would have incentives to get tougher on Iran. Republicans are already hawkish and would be unlikely to dial down their animosity. And Democrats would be vulnerable to the charge that they let Iran get the bomb, giving them clear reasons to embrace a harsher position. In this way, political calculations would likely foster a new consensus in favor of confronting and undermining the Islamic Republic.”

“Free of the divisive debate over the nuclear issue, Washington would be able to focus on the character and nature of a regime that represses its population and has recently installed a mass murderer as president. Disgust with Iran’s horrendous record on human rights would grow on both sides of the aisle and would serve as a platform for greater unity on the need to weaken the regime’s position through covert action and support for dissenters inside Iran. Not all Democrats and liberals would suddenly be converted to the cause of regime change. But once Iran goes nuclear, the notion that the mullahs would moderate if only Americans tread gently will no longer resonate. At the same time, U.S. politicians from both parties will have to understand that an Iranian bomb will make it harder to leave the Middle East behind and pivot or rebalance U.S. foreign policy toward Asia. For both strategic and political reasons, the United States can demonstrate strength to Iran only if it maintains a robust presence in the region.”

Wow, how can anybody claim that the future looks bright after reading the above?

It is probably MAD (mutually assured destruction) if America defends Taiwan, but I’m a cultural conservative focusing on the silver lining of WW3 destroying the insane fourth industrial revolution, so I’m not saying that Americans shouldn’t defend Taiwan. Simply recommending that Western people should be fully prepared for what may happen if the US intervenes after China attacks Taiwan. Anybody who is not afraid of a nuclear winter has nothing to worry about if Cold War 2 ends in a bang of mushroom clouds all over the planet.

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