Global Times on the nuclear option in a war over Taiwan

Some critics will perhaps claim that we cultural conservatives in Fearmongering Inc are just fearmongering when fantasizing about the sweet partial destruction of 4IR (fourth industrial revolution) if a Taiwan War turns hypersonic with missiles flying to libertine/woke Silicon Valley & totalitarian Shenzhen. But once again we see that CCP is not afraid of escalating to max if necessary. Global Times:

China’s iron will stronger than US’ ‘rock solid’ commitment to Taiwan: Global Times editorial

” … For the mainland, there never is a binary choice that we will realize reunification when it’s easy and give up when it’s difficult.”

“Any wise person can understand that the resolve and will of China and the US regarding the cross-Straits situation are of completely different degrees. In the past, the two countries were more engaged in all types of cooperation. They needed to seek more common ground in terms of the Taiwan Straits policies. In addition, during the eight years of the Kuomintang’s rule, the Chinese mainland and the island of Taiwan were in relatively good terms. Thus, differences between Beijing and Washington over the island didn’t radically clash. But now, since the US’ China policy has drastically changed, with the Taiwan question becoming the most prominent point of confrontation, the clash of wills between China and the US is becoming more and more inevitable.”

“Let’s put it frankly: The US has lost its strength to make “rock solid” commitments to Taiwan. The Taiwan Straits and the area nearby are within the effective strike range of the PLA, which is prepared and strong enough to resist outside military interference when the Chinese mainland is determined to solve the Taiwan question. The US sending naval and air forces to defend Taiwan would be a death blow to US soldiers. Plus, China is a nuclear power with second-strike capabilities with intercontinental range ballistic missiles DF-41 and JL-3. And such a reality will contain the US’ evil thoughts about taking risks to use nuclear weapons. In short, the US is no longer the country that can exercise military blackmail against China.” (…)

“… Once the mainland makes the political decision to solve the Taiwan question by force, people will see a modern version of the liberation of Nanjing during China’s War of Liberation (1946-49). At that point, abandoning Taiwan will be the US’ inevitable choice.”

“The US and the Taiwan island should stop trying to frighten the Chinese mainland that reunification by force will trigger serious political and economic consequences. In recent years, the US has already shown what those consequences will be like with its all-round containment against China. All Chinese people have seen them, and the deterrent effect will be zero.”

“Tensions in the Taiwan Straits are escalating, and the root cause is that the DPP authorities have abandoned the 1992 Consensus. …”

Russia by the way supports China. Global Times:

Shared territorial concern, opposition to US intervention prompt Russia’s support to China on Taiwan question

“Nobody would like to see a large-scale military clash between China and the US in the East Pacific.”

Hey, we fearmongers disagree!

“Earlier this week, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stated that Moscow continued to firmly support Beijing’s position on Taiwan as an integral part of China. Moreover, he also underlined that Moscow would support Beijing in its legitimate efforts to reunite the breakaway province with the rest of the country. A number of foreign media outlets paid particular attention not to what Lavrov actually said, but omitted his other remarks: the Russian official did not add that Moscow expects reunification to be peaceful and gradual in a way that is similar to China’s repossession of Hong Kong. Many observers of the new Taiwan Straits crisis unfolding concluded that Lavrov’s statement was a clear signal to all parties of the crisis: Russia would likely back even Beijing’s military takeover of the island.”

“Of course, diplomacy is an art of ambiguity. Lavrov clearly did not call for a military solution to the Taiwan problem. Still, his remarks were more blunt and more supportive of Beijing than the standard Russia’s rhetoric on the issue. Why? One possible explanation is that the Russian official simply wanted to sound nice to China as Russia’s major strategic partner. As they say, “a friend in need is a friend indeed.” Another explanation is that Lavrov recalled the Russian experience with Chechnya some time ago, when Moscow had to fight two bloody wars to suppress secessionism in the North Caucasus. Territorial integrity means a lot for the Russian leadership. This is something that is worth spilling blood for.”

“However, one can also imagine that in Russia they simply do not believe that if things go really bad for Taiwan island, the US would dare to come to its rescue and that in the end of the day Taipei would have to yield to Beijing without a single shot fired. Therefore, the risks of a large-scale military conflict in the East Pacific are perceived as relatively low, no matter what apocalyptic scenarios various military experts might come up with.”

” … In 2008, the Bush administration explicitly or implicitly encouraged Georgian leader Mikheil Saakashvili to launch a military operation against South Ossetia including killing some Russian peacekeepers stationed there. But when Russia interfered to stop and to roll back the Georgian offensive, unfortunate Saakashvili was de-facto abandoned by Washington.” (…)

” … Of course, one can argue that the Taiwan island is more important for the US than Afghanistan, Venezuela, Ukraine and Georgia taken together. But the price for supporting the Taiwan island could also be much higher for the US than the price it would have paid in many other crisis situations. The chances of the US losing to China over Taiwan island, even if Washington mobilizes all of its available military power against Beijing, are also very high. Still, we do not see such a mobilization taking place now. It appears that the Biden administration is not ready for a real showdown with Beijing over the Taiwan question.”

“… The assumption in the Kremlin is that Uncle Sam will not dare to challenge militarily the Middle Kingdom. Not this time.”

No American intervention is the worst unscary outcome from the viewpoint of F. Inc. We are not amused if the US doesn’t defend TSMC. Because it implies that 4IR will continue uninterrupted at full speed toward a sleazy woke Big Tech panopticon in the West. That’s such a depressive thought. To get our spirits back watch this frightening video from BORZZIKMAN:

Will Awards be Given to the Crew of An Unknown Object which Collided with the U.S. submarine?

Though it seems like the incident was quickly acknowledged by the US, not first classified and then declassified decades later, as BORZZIKMAN claims. Wikipedia:

Submarine incident off Kildin Island

Difference Frames the World:

Xi Jinping To Take Over Taiwan Earlier Than Scheduled, By Force?

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