Terrorism is the predictable and systemic feature of high-tech multicultural neoliberalism

In a chaotically diverse and decadent society of inequality let the Internet and other globalized media connect and expose many groups of radicals to their main enemies and what do you get? Terrorism.

The Christian monoculture of Norway in the early 1970s contributed to making the country safe and peaceful. Then we got a new system of mass immigration, neoliberalism, globalization and decadent libertinism, correlated with gang violence, organized crime and terrorism in Norway. Leftwing people and their corporatist allies refuse to take responsibility for this development. They only care about the implementation of dogmatic political ideas and/ or profits. It’s absurd that the security police in Norway claims to fight terrorism while simultaneously defending a system that produces terrorists.

The Western system today is built on greed and narcissism, on a craving for more: more materialistic pleasures and other cheap dopamine kicks such as fame or increasingly nasty entertainment. In a headline on their website MI6 says (at the time of writing) that they are working for safety and prosperity. In the high-speed, frantic and narcissistic system of unprecedented global hierarchies it’s totally natural and completely normal that some angry social losers start to externalize their inner pain in a manner that leads to lashing out. Some of these sick and isolated individuals will use a very superficial understanding of religion or ideology to justify their violence. That’s predictable in a society where corporate media and intelligence officers get paid to make the public very aware of different terroristic ideologies and violent branches of Islam or Christianity. Combine this with 1) corporations or governments that constantly provoke rightwing people when pushing woke LGBT into the mainstream culture, and 2) radical or moderate conservatives who can be equally provocative in response, myself included sometimes, and the result is a culture war where all kinds of terrorism or mass killings become almost routine in the “global village”.

Politicians and police officers who defend the current system in the West today are clowns. The main advantage of letting AI robots take over society is that all these clowns will gradually become unemployed. From that perspective it’s actually tempting to support AI automation of everything, had it not been for the extreme power it will give to CEOs and billionaires like Elon Musk.

In their own way the security police is just as foolish as the terrorists they are chasing. The war on terror is a flop. Stupid radicals beat the best from Harvard and Oxford. But conventional non-WMD terrorism will lead to nothing. It’s a talentless crime for dummies and the half-educated. Because killing a few dozen innocent people now and then will not change anything in a sea of 7.8 billion human beings. 99% of all “ordinary” terrorism is only good for tabloid media and the budget of the smart fools working for intelligence agencies. Real change will only occur if 4IR (fourth industrial revolution) is partly destroyed by a cataclysmic event, like a pandemic caused by bioterrorism or an intercontinental war over Taiwan for example. Until that happens you might as well find entertainment in lawful political activities (on Gab for example) or play a computer game.

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