Robot dogs with guns in the military

The Verge:

They’re putting guns on robot dogs now

Warthog Defense:


These “dogs” are deadly creepy. They illustrate the death of cultural conservatism if 4IR (fourth industrial revolution) continues. China and Russia will spend even more on weaponized bots in the new arms race of Cold War 2. Landing on the Moon was the height of tech progress during the first Cold War. In our times the 4IR arms race will probably continue until we have built some version of Skynet. America has already built the Skyborg. The realist in me is not optimistic regarding the future of cultural conservatism, as long as 4IR is not (partly) destroyed, but we might as well soldier on, no matter what happens, because the alternative is empty boredom in a libertine woke authoritarian Big Tech society.

It’s funny how the police and military in the West claim that militant activists are “extremists” while it’s the governments in the US/EU that build insane weapons. The real extremists are in the police and military.

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