Associated Press: no genocide in Xinjiang

Terror & tourism: Xinjiang eases its grip, but fear remains

“The razor wire that once ringed public buildings in China’s far northwestern Xinjiang region is nearly all gone.”

“Gone, too, are the middle school uniforms in military camouflage and the armored personnel carriers rumbling around the homeland of the Uyghurs. Gone are many of the surveillance cameras that once glared down like birds from overhead poles, and the eerie eternal wail of sirens in the ancient Silk Road city of Kashgar.”

“Uyghur teenage boys, once a rare sight, now flirt with girls over pounding dance music at rollerblading rinks. One cab driver blasted Shakira as she raced through the streets.”

“Four years after Beijing launched a brutal crackdown that swept up to a million or more Uyghurs and other mostly Muslim minorities into detention camps and prisons, its control of Xinjiang has entered a new era. Chinese authorities have scaled back many of the most draconian and visible aspects of the region’s high-tech police state. The panic that gripped the region a few years ago has subsided considerably, and a sense of normality is creeping back in.”

“But there is no doubt about who rules, and evidence of the terror of the last four years is everywhere.”

Being an ethno-nationalist I support that Xinjiang should be an independent state. Just like Sami people in Scandinavia should have their own state. Liberate Tibet too. Give land back to Native Americans.

Strange that Washington did nothing for Xinjiang and Tibet while many Americans are very moralistic and ready to intervene in the civil war between Han Chinese on the mainland and Han Chinese in Taiwan.

But if America wants to start an intercontinental war that partly destroys 4IR (fourth industrial revolution) then I’m focusing on the silver lining: no woke and libertine Silicon Valley. Bye bye lefty Hollywood. From that perspective it’s no reason to argue against hawkish American interference.

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