Why the new hybrid authoritarianism of Western states is velvet fascism

The word “fascism” should only be used to describe states similar to Mussolini’s regime in the 1930s. It’s reasonable however to define the woke ultra-“liberal” West today as being a fascistoid system, as explained here. But even more authoritarian developments the last 1-2 years have made it necessary to claim that the neoliberal system in the West has now become velvet fascism.

The most basic core of a fascist system can be defined as:

1) a quest for global power, usually in the name of some noble cause.

2) the fusion of all major power centers, especially the merger of corporations and the state.

3) a desire for totalitarian power, which implies that the ruling elite will eventually have the power to surveil everything and everyone, unlike traditional authoritarian states where rulers basically don’t care about what citizens are doing in their everyday lives as long as they don’t fight the regime.

4) the slick and shiny streamlining and standardization of all societies in an attempt to classify/categorize everyone, tag them and put each citizen into an orderly system of pigeonholes, making it easy for the ruling elite to get an overview of society and control or manipulate all individuals (through propaganda).

Power is based on knowledge aka intelligence which is based on mass surveillance. If the CorpState (corporate state) lacks a high-tech surveillance apparatus its pigeonhole system will be crude, rudimentary and brutal.

Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin and Mao did not have enough surveillance and that made them relatively blind, so they had to use brutal methods in order to destroy dissidents. When attempting to locate and neutralize a single unruly bird these (red) fascist leaders destroyed many pigeonholes in the hope of crushing the one rebel they were looking for.

The brutality of relatively low-tech fascism costs a lot of energy. Its advantage in the 1930s was that it silenced and subdued almost all citizens who heard frightening stories about many innocent people being rounded up by the police and disappearing in “Nacht und Nebel”.

But the drawback of visible oppression is that it can backfire if common people finally become tired of it and start fighting back.

Cost-efficient, surgical and subtle targeting of real dissidents is therefore always preferable from the viewpoint of dictators. But this presupposes high-tech mass surveillance. In the West today we have a system of mass surveillance that Stasi could only dream of having during the first Cold War.

It’s easier to maintain law and order in low-tech fascist regimes if all citizens look, behave and think the same when living in their apartments (pigeonholes). But in a society of high-tech mass surveillance all citizens are tagged and monitored in such a degree that intelligence agencies can get an overview of it all even if all birds have different shapes and colors when living inside the matrix of a uniform (standardized) pigeonhole system.

The basic standardization provided by corporations and globalist Big Government explains why large cities across the planet basically look the same while having local differences and superficial diversity like “China Town” and “Little Italy”.

If a rebel starts to speak in public the high-tech security police in the West today will quickly notice it. They can then remove this bird from his/her pigeonhole without having to destroy any other pigeonholes in the vicinity of the rebel. The removal or marginalization is silent, fast, clean and clinical. A violent “extremist” is sent to jail. A nonviolent “extremist” loses his/her job and get (shadow) banned on the Internet. It’s not brutal like we saw in Nazi Germany or in Mao’s China, but it nevertheless sends a clear message: citizen, we see you, so comply or you’ll become unemployed and ostracized.

Ordinary citizens who have kids and relatively much debt but little time to study how the complex new velvet fascism works are instinctively inclined to obey, not ask questions and quietly follow any instruction given to them.

Today’s surveillance gadgets are so widespread that just the mere possibility of being monitored is usually enough to secure mass compliance. Do anything strange in the street and it will probably be captured by CCTV or by the camera of a smartphone. Visit a hotel and your room might be bugged. The New York Times:

A Paranoid Guide to Fighting the ‘Bugging Epidemic’

“With surveillance gear cheaper and easier to use, security experts say checking your environment for cameras and microphones is not a crazy idea.”

The pigeonhole infrastructure of a fascist regime can tolerate multicultural diversity, as seen in the multiethnic and polytheistic Roman Empire. Or each bird in his/her office cubicle (pigeonhole) can be forced to adopt uniformity, as often seen in Nazi Germany. The difference between monocultural fascism and multicultural fascism is not important from the viewpoint of high-functioning psychopathic leaders and “idealistic” Machiavellians who just want deep and widespread power (in the name of some noble cause like neoliberal or communistic hegemony for example).

When police forces in the West have so much surveillance power that it’s easy to quietly remove or marginalize each and every dissident, one after another, the whole processes of oppression and compliance becomes so civilized, neat and tidy, that even police officers may not feel that the overall system is evil. Average citizens will not notice it either. They feel free to fly here and there, seldom reflecting upon the fact that they are tagged (by smartphones, credit cards and IoT) like sheep or cattle that can roam freely in the wilderness after they have been tagged with radio transmitters.

Both left- and rightwing people are scared now because they fear that political opponents will get corporate or governmental power and thereby access to the God mode abilities of the panopticon.

Below are two leftwing perspectives that I (partly) disagree with but it illustrates the fear:


America’s fate looks bleak: Will it be oligarchy or autocracy?


Former White House Russia expert Fiona Hill warns the U.S. is on a path to autocracy

Important to watch from The Hated One:

Australia Has Turned Into a Dystopian Police State

Finally, here’s the viewpoint of Tulsi Gabbard, a more nonaligned freethinker:

Attorney General Garland trying to intimidate Americans into silence

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