Good news that China is creating difficulties for woke Hollywood

Washington and Silicon Valley sanction China. It’s therefore natural that Beijing will try to sanction United Coasts of America (UCA) where it hurts: California’s libertine and woke film industry. It’s good from a culturally conservative perspective if CCP weakens the power and influence of Hollywood’s ultra-“liberal” propaganda.

The Wall Street Journal:

Disney Meets Roadblocks to Releasing Movies in China

“Hollywood executives are now observing new scrutiny of Western influence by Chinese audiences, favoritism toward local releases by Chinese officials and an industrywide crackdown overseen by President Xi Jinping that have combined to potentially jeopardize any Hollywood export with a whiff of criticism of the country associated with it.” (…)

“Disney and the other studios stand to lose potentially hundreds of millions of dollars in box-office grosses, as well as Chinese fans, who could lose interest in the Marvel superhero series if they can’t see films including “Shang-Chi” and “Eternals.”

“Disney remains the most heavily invested studio in China. After years of lobbying, the company in 2016 opened Shanghai Disney Resort, a $5.5 billion theme-park attraction that was among the first to reopen as the Covid-19 pandemic ebbed, providing Disney with park revenue as its U.S. locations stayed closed. …” (…)

” … nationalism has infiltrated China’s own entertainment industry, where directors are routinely hired to helm propaganda pictures and asked to declare publicly that they support the state, according to executives who work in China. Chinese actors with dual citizenship in other countries have recently renounced it, pledging support to China alone. That was the case with the Hong Kong actor Nicholas Tse, who recently renounced his Canadian citizenship. Some A-list stars who run afoul of Communist Party leadership have been denied roles and scrubbed from the internet.”

“Disney and other studios face a tricky proposition when casting movies, since Chinese critics appear to have broadened the statute of limitations on what they consider offensive.”

I have no friends or enemies, only a permanent interest in removing libertinism and wokeness from mainstream cultures, and that is the only reason why I have an atom of sympathy with anti-woke and anti-libertine CCP. If the only choice is between California’s disgusting panopticon or China’s non-sleazy panopticon I will aesthetically support the latter, since it’s the lesser of two evils from a culturally conservative perspective. But if many of today’s Americans stop being the paragon of vulgarity and return to being a society which doesn’t exploit women and doesn’t disrespect cultural conservatism, then I will go back to supporting Hollywood and Silicon Valley.

The world is upside down when a communist party is in some regards more culturally conservative than America. Tragic.

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