Why does Kremlin even respond to EU’s woke demand that Russia must accept gay propaganda?


Russia’s mission rejects Council of Europe body’s calls to repeal “gay propaganda” ban

It’s EU within Council of Europe that obviously pushes for this wokeness. The woke fight for gay propaganda is an insult to real idealists who focus on that which really matters: climate changes, mass surveillance, global child mortality, lethal poverty in developing countries, torture, international organized crime, a potential WW3 starting in Taiwan, and the rise of authoritarianism (in the West!).

The narcissistic gay lobby should learn the art of triage. If you want to attack Russia then criticize the regime each time it violates the basic human rights listed by the UN in 1948.

The gay lobby reminds me of animal rights activists who once criticized the Norwegian king for going fishing. Common people just laughed at these activists.

By the way, I support Animal Liberation Front and Earth Liberation Front. It was ALF in the 1980s that first got me into militant activism. Culturally I’m a conservative but still support some single-issue politics often considered to be “leftwing”, though I have never been a socialist. Even the ism of anarchism is too authoritarian for my snowflake hyper-individuality and outcast sensitivity.

But I digress. Russia should not fall down to a level where it responds to frivolous woke demands. When a chronic misfit like me view the herd mentality of the ultra-liberal elite with utter contempt it would be strange indeed if a hybrid authoritarian Orthodox empire even notices these ankle biters.

If any wokist believes I’m perhaps the mouthpiece of Russia or maybe inconsistent when some perhaps feel that I “defend” this hierarchical mega-herd (aka empire), then investigate what Amnesty International is saying about Russia (though I’m not sure if AI has turned woke too):


I defend all basic or classical liberal/human rights, regardless of which group identity any individual may have. For example, if a gay person in Russia is attacked in the street, the perpetrator should get a maximum sentence for injuring another human being, the same sentence he would have got if attacking a non-gay individual. That’s equality under the law.

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